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The 10th UNNC Chinese Competition & 2nd NCI Ningbo Branch 'Chinese Bridge' Nomination Competition

The 10th UNNC Chinese Competition & 2nd NCI Ningbo Branch ‘Chinese Bridge’ Nomination Competition


13 Apr 2018, the 10th UNNC Chinese Competition & 2nd NCI Ningbo Branch ‘Chinese Bridge’ Nomination Competition were successfully held in Siyuan Auditorium.

The Chinese competition in UNNC has 10 year history. The competition on the day attracted 15 international students coming from 9 countries and 5 universities/high schools. It was the first time high schools were enrolled in the UNNC competition. The competition contained components of Chinese presentation, quiz, assembling, dubbing roles in Chinese film and talent show.


We are grateful to receive supports from Ningbo Foreign Affairs Bureau, Ningbo Culture and Arts Research Institute, Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Yinzhou District Government, Tianyi Pavilion Museum, and Yinzhou Intangible Heritage Museum. Special thanks to students and staff from UNNC, Ningbo Polytech Institute, Huamao International School, Ningbo International School, and Ningbo Yinzhou HD School.

Given by competitors’ full efforts, the competition was extremely excellent.


Dressed in school uniform, the 3 competitors coming from Ningbo Yinzhou HD School were energetic and enthusiastic. Audiences were amazed by their critical thinking towards leadership quality. Their capacity in individual thinking and meticulous consideration showed a maturity way beyond their age.

Harshita from Ningbo International School was remembered by her authentic pronunciation and fluent expression. She was born and grow up in China. ‘My parents told me, when I was born, there was only one McDonald in Ningbo. I can say I’m growing up with Ningbo…. The first thing I want to do every time when I come back to Ningbo is to eat Chinese cuisine. I also feel it is such a safe country.’

Korean girl Liu Haojuan from Huamao International School was talented in Chinese ancient poems. She could recite <Prelude To Water Melody> of Su Shi to miss her family overseas and convey best wishes through the poem. She could also use  <Pitying Peasants Poetry> of Li Shen to express her genuine gratitude.

Land Di Na from Ningbo Polytech Institute shared her experience on China’s high speed train with audiences through a short video. She wanted to tell everyone how much she loved this fast developing country.

Yan Song recalled his time to study Chinese. The international students on sit felt it was a reflection of themselves too. Rome is not built in one day. International students’ efforts and persistence in learning Chinese are highly appreciated.


The most innovative and challenging part in this competition was to dub roles in Chinese films. As the first ever introduced element, whether it could reflect competitors’ proficiency became the largest uncertainty.

However, the competitors presented a wonder show in this part. They were not only accurate in pronunciation, but also perfectly imitated the tone, speed, and mood of the original film. When Martin Francis from the U.K, fluently dubbed the long monologue in <My Own Swordsman> on dialectical relationship between id and ego, he literally lit the atmosphere in the room.

Tian Zai Hong from Korea dubbed the scenario of <Ex 3>, and he made himself similar to the hero from voice to appearance.

Besides advanced Chinese language proficiency, the competitors were also talented in dancing and mime performance. The attractive talent shows made people almost forgot it was a Chinese competition. The championship was finally awarded by Huamao International School and the Ningbo Polytech Institute.



It was a special thanks to students of UNNC who presented tea ceremony, crosstalk, and ethnical dance.


Posted on 24 April 2018