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NCI welcomed Student Camp from Confucius Classroom at Alderman White School

Nottingham Confucius Institute China Ningbo Branch welcomed student camp from Confucius classroom at Alderman White School on 20 October.  Eighteen students and two group leaders arrived at UNNC around 9am. After a short introduction session, two UNNC campus Ambassadors showed them around the university. Students were impressed with the entire campus view and facilities which reminded them of home.

This is the second year we receive student camp from Alderman White School. They will spend a week to learn and experience Ningbo this year. Subsequently they will visit Tianyi Pavilion Museum, Nantang ancient street, Dongqian Lake, the Southern Song Dynasty Stone Park (Sculpture Museum), Ningbo Museum and so on. Meanwhile Nottingham Confucius Institute China Ningbo Branch will offer Mandarin lessons for them. They visited NB International School and participated in the cultural exchange activities on Monday 22 Oct.

We wish all the camp members would enjoy their trip in China and some interesting moment happened here will flash back sometime when they are back to UK.


please refer photos of their campus tour in UNNC:





Posted on 24 October 2018