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NCI Ningbo Participated in 'The Door Links to UNNC' – the Freshmen Welcome Event of Faculty of Science and Engineering

September 15th 2018, Nottingham Confucius Institute China Ningbo Branch participated ‘The Door Links to UNNC’ event in Trent Building 209. It was a part of the UNNC’s new students welcome session and coincided with the “Opening Day” of the UoN.

This event aimed to promote cultural exchanges between the two campuses, and use the new technology to enable students from both campuses to participate in.

During the process, teachers from NCI showed the international students how to make the traditional Chinese knot (zhōng guó jié). The art of making knots dates back to pre-historical times in China and gradually became a decorative handcraft. There are various kinds of Chinese knot, symbolizing different meanings. In order to send the best wishes to all the international students, the teacher chose the knot called“lucky knot” which conveyed meaning of safe and sound.




Students were showing their handcrafts to others.



A volunteer student from NCI played Chinese Zither (gǔ zhēng), a traditional Chinese stringed instrument, wearing Chinese traditional costume of Han Dynasty style.



 It is estimated that over 7000 students from the UoN participated in the event.

Posted on 19 September 2018