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NCI Ningbo Mandarin Learner Participated in the Fourth Municipal Mandarin Competition

27 Oct 2018, the fourth Mandarin Competition for the foreigners in Ningbo was successfully held in Tianyi Pavillion Museum. Ten candidates from different countries, including South Korean, Japan, Lithuania and Madagascar participated in this competition. Tapiwa Matonhodze, the student who is doing HSK 6 with us showed his excellent Chinese competence in the competition.


Dougal Macbeth, the staff of UNNC as well as the champion in 2016, hosted this competition in Chinese. His professional language skills and image left deep impression on the audiences.


The competition is comprised of four sections: Chinese poem recitation, act and guess, presentation and talent show. Tapiwa expressed his great love to Ningbo through his presentation and brought audiences much laughter when playing act and guess game with his partner. He recited the poem <How Bright The Moon Is> (《明月何皎皎》) a nostalgic poem from Han Dynasty. Finally, he performed the song < If We Are Still Together> (《依然在一起》). This song was initially sang by Tianyu Ma with whom Tapiwa shared the same Chinese name. People marveled at his good performance, applauding a lot for him.

This competition was full of competent candidates. Some of them has studied Chinese or lived in China for many years.


Participating in Mandarin competitions would be good chance for the participants to improve their language proficiency and make friends with people from diverse culture backgrounds. We wish all the competitors a good progress and hope that there would be more Mandarin learners join in this event.

Posted on 30 October 2018