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Joint Cultural Workshop: Chinese Knots Making

Given by the high demand amongst students and staff, NCI Ningbo Branch organized a second round workshop on Chinese knots jointly with the Faculty of Science, at Room 404 Teaching Building on 10 Dec. 15 students, staff and family members participated in the event.


The teacher presented different patterns of Chinese knots and the meanings of them. When seeing the Chinese knot with fish pattern, participants were quite confused as they cannot identify the denotation of the fish. Soon they were excited to learn that in Chinese ‘fish’ and ‘affluence’ share the same pronunciation. Some of them thus became very interested in exploring the symbolic language in the Chinese context.



Under the instruction of the teacher, participants successfully made their own Chinese lucky knot. Some of them even learned more patterns by reading the instruction by themselves. They said it is very interesting to learn about the Chinese culture and I do enjoy making Chinese knots by myself.

Posted on 12 December 2018