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HSK Mock Test and Experience Sharing

June 18th 2017, a particular time for twenty five HSK test candidates to meet the Nottingham Confucius Institute China Ningbo Brunch (NCI). There were several impressive parts organized by NCI for the day: HSK Mock exam, Light lunch and Experience exchanging and Examination analysis.

After a brief introduction about the Confucius Institute and HSK test, teachers from NCI guided all the candidates to take the mock exam, which was in an orderly manner until 12 o’clock.

 Light lunch left all the candidates relaxing after the tense exam. Two excellent Mandarin learners Patrick McCormick and Boukinebe Peugonba Arman shared their experience in taking HSK as well as learning Mandarin. And individual tutorial according to candidates’ performance in the mock exam by the Mandarin team from NCI was followed.

The real HSK test will be conducting on 24 June. We hope that every candidates can achieve their goal.

please find photos below about this activity:









Posted on 20 June 2017