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Flashback | Lantern Festival Celebration

To celebrate the Lantern Festival, 20 February, NCI and Department of Campus Life-NUBS Team co-organized an International Lantern Festival Party. More than 20 international students together with 13 teachers and some domestic studetns joined the party, and all the participants enjoyed the party very much .


The Rabit Lantern

Mr. Jiqin Bao , an inheritor of intangible cultural heritage,was invited to give brief introduction about lantern history and he also demonstrated how to make nice Rabit Lantern.

DSC04273Introduction about lantern history by  Mr. Jiqin Bao


People from different countries also tasted the traditional Chinese food made of glutinous rice flour called YuánXiāo(元宵) together.


Participants were tasting the traditional Chinese food-Yuanxiao(元宵)



Group photo



Posted on 27 February 2019