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First Floral Arrangement Class Opened by Confucius Institute

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With the active preparation and enthusiastic registration, the Floral Arrangement Class of Nottingham Confucius Institute successfully commenced at NTB C06, on the evening of September 22nd.

With the love and curiosity for floral arrangement, we ushered in Mrs. Sun Liyun, who was the lecturer of this floral arrangement class. She is not only an advanced gardening technician at national level, but also the only one artist who is eligible for National Occupational Skill Testing Senior Assessor in Zhejiang Province. In the evening, Mrs. Sun wore a simple but elegant skirt and was warmly welcomed by everyone.

With the help of volunteer translators, Mrs. Sun introduced the definition and classification of floral arrangement firstly, and then she showed some pictures about common flowers and twigs. After the introduction to the basic theoretical knowledge, Mrs. Sun led everyone to do field work. Although each one was provided with the same material, there were different creative ideas, domiciliary or freehand, eastern or western. But most received the affirmation of Mrs. Sun. There is not a uniform standard of beauty and art. Mrs. Sun wants to spread the belief that we should learn to love life and find beauty through learning floral arrangements.

There also happened to be some interesting episodes during class. For example, faced with those terminologies which were even very difficult to explain in Chinese, British PhD student Tom who is excellent in Chinese even had to pick up the phone and look up the words in Youdao electronic dictionary.

After class, students were unwilling to leave for a long time. They all picked up the phone and took photos to their works from various angles. This was not only the beginning of floral arrangement learning for them, but also a new journey to feel the traditional culture.

Students will continue to learn floral arrangement with the help of Mrs. Sun in the next two months. Everyone can be "the great artist" at the end of the course. See you next Thursday!



Posted on 29 September 2016