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End of Term Mandarin Performance Show

12 May, the End of Term Mandarin Performance Show was held in Tianwei Art Hotel. About 40 Mandarin class participants and HSK test takers attended the event.



PVC Prof Chris Rudd recalled his meeting with Mmd Xu Lin who was the former Director of CI Headquarters. It was at that meeting the proposal to establish NB Branch was agreed by both parties. Prof Rudd used Chinese as the narrative language, which made the story sounded more encouraging to the Mandarin learners on site.

Then representatives of Mandarin class presented a fantastic show.


Jose-Maria Grisolia from Beginner 2 class sang a Chinese song <Baby baby> with guitar.


6 learners from Beginner 2 class recited poems of <A Morning in Spring> (《春晓》) and <A Small Pond> (《小池》) written in Tang and Song Dynasty in separately. They are Nancy Leonard Chimagu, Saileshsingh Gunessee, Jose-Maria Grisolia, James Farrell, Neemasia Martin Mmari, and Kawthar Namakula.


Asmus Jessen Rubæk, Ann Blinkdilde Storm, James Macpherson, Kadeem Robinson, Nadia Mikunda, and Irene Camardiel from HSK 2 class showed the poem <Qing Ming> (《清明》) and made a beautiful translation of this poem to English.


Simon Hotchkiss, David Dennison, Nicholas Hamm, Joanna Woolley, and Grezgorz Bauer from Beginner 1 class and Hanna Hainsworth from HSK 3 performed a classical Chinese song <Jasmine>. 


The event was ended by ceilidh dance. Sir David Greenaway and Lady Susan Greenaway also attended the event.


Posted on 29 May 2018