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Chinese Culture Workshop: Chinese Opera Mask Painting

14 Nov 2018, 20 international students and staff participated the Chinese cultural workshop: Opera Mask Painting in room 312 Portland Building.


Before painting the masks, CI staff introduced some basic knowledge of Peking Opera including the characters of sheng, dan, jing, mo, and chou, the meanings of different colors, and the development history of Peking Opera.

          _MG_5339 (2)

          _MG_5329 (2)

Then, participants chose the mask that they preferred and started to paint. The participants said painting mask was much more difficult than it looked like, but it was a great fun.

          _MG_5359 (2)

          _MG_5364 (2)

          _MG_5360 (2)

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Posted on 23 November 2018