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Chinese Competition & Opening Ceremony of UNNC 15 Years Anniversary & 2019 International Education Week

On April 7, 2019, the International Chinese Competition and the Opening ceremony of 2019 International Education Week of UNNC was successfully held at D.H. Lawrence Auditorium. This event is also one of UNNC 15 Years Anniversary Celebrations. Mr. Chen Guomiao, the Deputy Director General of Foreign Affairs Office of Ningbo Municipal Government, Mr. Ying Xiong, the party secretary of UNNC and Mr. Nick Miles, provost of UNNC, attended the ceremony and made speech respectively for the event. Twelve competitors from UNNC, Kunshan Duke University and Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University worked as four teams participated in the competition. Candidates from UNNC won the first prize and second in the competition.

DSC_8039Opening ceremony

DSC_7897Mr. Chen Guomiao was delivering the speech

DSC_7956Mr. Ying Xiong was delivering the speech

DSC_7996Mr. Nick Miles was delivering the speech

The competition had four parts: quiz about Chinese and culture, sentence assembling, presentation of “I would bring …from China to home”, and group transmission of Chinese words.In the first round, almost all the competitors won the full score, which fully demonstrated their excellent language proficiency and good understanding of Chinese and culture. UNNC competitors, Francesco from Italy and Heeyeon Yoon from Korea showed their great Chinese competence in the second round.  

DSC_8144UNNC candidate Nathan Bryant
UNNC candidate Anamelia
UNNC candidate Francesico Pantalfini

DSC_8291UNNC candidate Heeyeon Yoon

The third round-Chinese speech won lots of applauses and laughers from the audience. UNNC MA student Mitchell R. Bradford Jr presented us “I will bring my Chinese wife back home”. He shared his romantic love story and travel experience with his wife in china. He and his wife’s time during the last winter holiday in the USA also left deep impression to the audiences, as the couple taught Chinese language and culture to over 300 people in Mitchell’s hometown.

DSC_8424Presentation by UNNC MA student Mitchell R. Bradford Jr 

Another UNNC candidate Jay Han from Korea gave the speech “I will bring China's Square Dance back to home”.  His fluent Chinese and video clips of his dancing attracted everybody’s interests.

DSC_8542Presentation by UNNC student Jay Han 

In addition, Alberto Andro Najarro Chavez from Duke Kunshan University expressed his affection to Chinese food and Italian player Qiuyue from Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University showed her desire to bring China's Taobao back to home.

DSC_9108Group transmission of Chinese words

The last round of group transmission of Chinese words by gestures not only tested team members’ Chinese capacity, but also their tacit cooperation skill among members.

DSC_9548Professor Shujie, Yao was making the close speech

At the end of the competition, Professor Shujie, Yao, Director of Nottingham Confucius Institute China Ningbo Branch gave the closing speech and presented the awards. He confirmed that this Chinese Language Competition organized by Nottingham Confucius Institute created a great opportunity for international students to share their Chinese learning stories, as well as their affection and profound understanding towards the country and culture.


Posted on 12 April 2019