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Chinese Characters Chess Came to UNNC

21 Apr, the Chinese Character Chess - invented by Mr Zhifu Ren, Director of Ningbo Chinese Language and Character Research Institute – came to UNNC.

Chinese Character Chess consists of 480 pieces, 2880 characters. It has 3 levels, and 2 packs for each level. For each level, there are 80 pieces which contains 480 characters. Vocabulary in this chess sourced from <Dictionary of Frequently Used Characters in Modern China>, and its difficult level refers to the textbooks of primary school. The game shall be played by two players.


Under the instruction of Ms Xiling Zhang, students and staff acknowledged the fundamental principle of the game very fast.

          讲解1 - Copy




Play and practice.



Group picture.


Mr Ren gave the chess with his signature as present to participants.

          赠棋 - Copy

 After the pilot class, NCI Ningbo was invited to the starting ceremony of <Chinese Character Chess Course>.


Jo-yen, from Malaysia, an exchange student of UNNC presented her understanding towards the Chinese Characters in the ceremony.

Mr Weinian Yu, vice chairman of the Ningbo Political Consultative Conference and chairman of Ningbo Literary Federation; Mr Xiaojie Shao, former Deputy Director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People’s Congress, Director of Ningbo cares for the next generation working committee; Mr Changhui Hua, former vice chairman of the Ningbo Political Consultative Conference, Secretary of Party Committee University of Nottingham Ningbo China; and Professor Nan Li, Co-Director of Nottingham Confucius Institute jointly started the website of Chinese Character Chess.

The NCI Ningbo Branch would introduce the Chinese Character Chess to its teaching & learning activities step by step. Studying Chinese characters through the game, we hope our Mandarin learners would benefit from it.

Match between UNNC and Ningbo University would be held on 13 May. Any UNNCer who is interested in learning the game or would like to represent UNNC for the match please send your name and contact information to



Ningbo Educational Bureau, Ningbo Sports Bureau, Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Ningbo Municipal Government and Yinzhou District donate chess and books to NCI Ningbo Branch.


Posted on 27 April 2018