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China's One Belt One Road Initiative: Past, Present and Future


On 15th October, the international conference “China’s One Belt One Road Initiative: Past, Present and Future” was held in UNNC by Nottingham Confucius Institute China Ningbo Branch. Director of European Confucius Institute, Confucius Institute Headquarters, Mr. Jincheng Yang, Director of Foreign Affairs Office, Fudan University Mr. Chouwen Zhu and Provost of UNNC, Prof. Chris Rudd gave opening addresses to the conference.

This conference took stocks of China’s initiative of the Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st-century Maritime Silk Road, also known as the One Belt, One Road, or OBOR initiative.  In particular, the conference explored what were the history and strategic imperatives that underpin the OBOR; what were the implications of the OBOR initiative for China and its partners; how much progress has been achieved in the past three years in the implementation of the initiative and what China has learned from its practice; what China needed to do to convince its partners to join its efforts; what were the attitudes of China’s partners towards China’s nascent global leadership narrative; among others.

The keynote speeches were “One Belt-One Road: Evidence of International Contacts along the Ancient Silk Road” given by Prof. Julian Henderson Faculty of Arts, University of Nottingham. Prof Henderson presented “The archeological founds of splendid culture of Tang Dynasty, elegant art of Chinese porcelain, and prosperity of ancient Loulan and Xi’an show the significance of Silk Road in history.”; “Silk Road and Golden Bridge—the Distinctive Role of Confucius Institute” was given by Prof. Liming Wang, Confucius Institute Director of University College of Dublin. “This is a win-win cooperation. This is a bridge to friendship and peace. It also promotes the culture of China. The Confucius Institute is an ambassador who builds mutual understanding and partnership in a place where differences co-exist”, Prof Liming Wang said; “New Scenario of China’s Opening-up and the Strategic Planning of One Belt One Road Initiative” was given by Prof. Tianyong Zhou, Party School of the Central Committee of C.P.C. Prof Tianyong Zhou proposed that we should “Live in the present, make use of the favorable factors”; The Executive Director of CBBC Mr. Jeff Astle demonstrated “(China will be the) potential global ‘game-changer’.  The opportunities lay inside and outside China and UK can be a key partner for Chinese companies” in his“UK-China Business Opportunities Along the Belt & Road” speech; Prof. Zhengxu Wang, University of Nottingham, Fudan University, discussed about the idea “Great times require great perspectives, grand perspectives require great wisdom” first put forward by President Xi Jinping through his speech “One Belt One Road and China’s Strategic Economy Around the Globe”.

The following up roundtable discussion was hosted by Prof. Liming Wang, joined by Prof. Dingping Guo, Fudan University; Professor Cong Cao, Head of School of Contemporary Chinese Studies, UNNC; Dr. Jian Chen, Executive Director of Nottingham Confucius Institute; Mr. Xiong Ying Director General of Wanli Education Group; and Mr. Jeff Astle Executive Director, China-Britain Business Council (CBBC). The panels shared their opinions with participants and had a profound discussion in terms of the details of OBOR initiative.

Launched in April 2016, the Nottingham Confucius Institute China Ningbo Branch is the first, and so far only, Confucius Institute in Mainland China. It has provided mandarin language class and culture workshops to more than 100 international staff and students. The Confucius Institute China Ningbo Branch will play a role as an ambassador to spread Chinese culture and echo the OBOR Initiative.

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Round Table Discussion


Prof. Liming Wang was giving speech


Prof. Julian Henderson was giving speech


Prof. Zhengxu Wang was giving speech


Mr. Jeff Astle was giving speech


Prof. Tianyong Zhou was giving the speech


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Posted on 27 October 2016