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27 Oct 2017, the Third Chinese Competition for Foreigners in Ningbo was successfully held in the Tianyi Pavilion Museum. The competitors come from all over the world including Indonesia, Korea, Ukraine, Afghanistan, Iran, and Kazakhstan. UNNC was invited as one of the three special participants and the other two were Ningbo University and Huamao International School.


UNNC student Greig Sharp from the UK co-hosted the competition in Chinese. His excellent speaking skills and professional appearance leaved deep impression on the attendees.

Hans was the first competitor of UNNC team, his task was to make up sentence with the given words. He was calm and fast speed. 10 seconds, he could make a sentence. His performance won high speak from the judges.


Erwin Karnadi represented the UNNC team recited the poem <An Autumn Evening in the Mountains> written by Wei Wang, a poet in Tang Dynasty. Audiences could feel about the cold air of the Autumn when listening to Erwin.


Billy Hadiyanto was the last candidate of the UNNC team, he would participate in two rounds competition. Firstly he expressed his love to traditional Beijing hot pot which made everyone hungry. Then he also showed himself a great understanding about Chinese culture that he got full mark in the quiz.


Finally, the three competitors performed a Chinese song <Sorry, my Chinese is not good> together, which lit up the atmosphere and the room is full of laughter.


This competition is full of high skilled competitors, some of them had participated the Chinese Bridge and some of them had living in China for many years, therefore the competition was really fierce. Our UNNC team overcome the disadvantage of being the first one to perform and got the third place as a team. Just as what Hans said in the interview by NBTV ‘I love Chinese that is why I come to China and challenge myself.’ To participate in a competition is a piece of valuable experience, we believe every competitor will learnt from it. Wish the competitors a big progress in the future.


Special thanks to Mandarin teacher Nicky Liu from NCI Ningbo for her great efforts in coordinating the competition!

Posted on 3 November 2017