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Mandarin courses

A wide range of Mandarin courses are open to all University staff, Students and local residents. These courses are taught by experienced language teachers from Nottingham Confucius Institute China Ningbo Branch.

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*please find out  course timetable here.


How to book

  • Having a Chinese visa (NCI Ningbo does not offer visa services);
  • Email to to let us know your interested class and current Mandarin proficiency;
  • Meet with Mandarin teachers face to face to let them know which class is the most suitable for you;
  • Pay tuition

        If pay by cash, please come to the Confucius Institue office AB451-2 

        If Pay by wechat, please follow the process 


Rules for Pay and Refund

Participants should pay 100% tuition at the required time in order to attend all the classes:

  • If join the class late

Class Type

Pay 80% Tuition

Pay 50% Tuition

10 weeks’   class

before   the 6th week

after the   5th week

20 weeks’   class

before   the 11th week

after the   10th week

30 weeks’   class

before   the 16th week

after the   15th week

  • If withdraw

Class Type

Refund 80% Tuition

Refund 50% Tuition

Refund 0% Tuition

10 weeks’   class

before   the 2nd class

between   the 3rd and the 5th class

after the   5th class

20 weeks’   class

before   the 4th class

between   the 5th and the 10th class

after the   10th class

30 weeks’   class

before   the 6th class

between   the 7th and the 15th class

after the   15th class


For enquiries and further details, please contact

+86(0)574 8818 0000-8340