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Our English for Academic Purposes Pre-sessional programme is for students aiming to do postgraduate study at The University of Nottingham Ningbo China, especially who do not yet have the required level of English language ability for direct entry.

Also, for students who would like to improve their academic English or prepare for overseas study, this is the optimal course. 


Pre-sessional programme

The programme has been carefully designed to prepare you for success in your future postgraduate course. If the number of students enrolled exceeds the course quota, priority will be given to students who have obtained a conditional/unconditional offer from Nottingham.


The pre-sessional course will help you by:

  • Introducing you to the academic environment of a British university
  • Developing and improving your knowledge of academic English in order to reach the required level for your chosen disciplines
  • Preparing you for the kinds of tasks you will need to perform in your studies
  • Developing the necessary confidence and skills for you to succeed in an academic environment

Course content

The pre-sessional programme is designed to develop both academic English language ability and study skills and includes intensive sessions on:

  • Academic vocabulary
  • Reading skills
  • Research skills
  • Analysing figures and describing data
  • How to write essays and dissertations
  • Understanding and using English grammar to support clear written and spoken communication
  • Planning and managing independent study time effectively
  • Listening and note-taking
  • Discussion and seminar skills
  • Academic oral presentations
  • Academic tutorials 

Pre-sessional entry requirements

 IELTS course requirement Your current score Pre-sessional course
Target 7.0 6.5 8 week
Target 6.5 6.0 8 week

 * admit the students according to applicants' IELTS and academic scores. Applicants could also apply 8 week Pre-Sessional course if his IELTS components do not meet the requirement.

If you have a different English language qualification, such as TOEFL, this may be considered equivalent to an IELTS score. The Centre for English Language Education will confirm these details with you after receiving your application.

Students holding conditional offers from UNNC are required to attend all classes and complete all course assignments in order to progress to their chosen degree programme. Successful completion of the pre-sessional programme will be accepted as an IELTS equivalency. There is no need for you to retake the IELTS examination before you enroll for your degree programme at The University of Nottingham Ningbo China.

Note: UNNC reserves the right to cancel the pre-sessional programme if there are insufficient participants. Specific dates may be changed according to the academic calendar. 

This course is also applicable to:

1. students who would like improve their academic English

2. students preparing for overseas study

Students will be awarded with a certificate if they successfully complete this course. However, this course is no guarantee of an offer from a UNNC UG/PG programme, and is not valid for progression to UG/PG programmes in subsequent academic years.  Priority will be given to students who hold unconditional/ conditional offer.

Pre-sessional course timetable 2019

 Course  Provisional DateApplication Deadline 




8th July 2019- 30 August 

Chinese students  International students
Friday 7 June 2019 Friday 10 May 2019


Note: Please send your original academic transcripts and copies of Graduation Certificate and Degree Certificate to the Admissions and Career Development Office (Admissions Centre, The University of Nottingham Ningbo China, 315100, Tel: +86 (0) 574-8818 0000 ext.8938) before the deadline for the programme you are applying for. If you have a problem with submitting these documents, please contact the Recruitment and Admissions Office ( at your earliest convenience.


Pre-sessional fees

 Course length Tuition fee Books and materialsTotal fee  Accommodation fee (optional)
8  Weeks
 26,000RMB  1,300 RMB  2,7300 RMB  80RMB/day

 Note: The book cost may change slightly according to the procurement price in 2019.


How to apply

1.Please complete your application form HERE

2.Refer to the table below and send relevant materials to

  Conditional/Unconditional offer holder Non-offer holder
Relevant materials needed
  • scanned copy of conditional/unconditional offer
  • scanned copy of IELTS certificate
  • scanned copy of ID card/Passport
  • scanned copy of IELTS certificate
  • scanned copy of ID card/Passport


If any enquiries, please contact:

Geoffrey Gao, Summer Zhang

Tel: +86 (0)574 8818 0000 ext.8651/8508