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Yiben Ma

International Communications Tutor , CELE


PhD, Media and Communication Studies (University of Leeds)
MA, Cultural and Creative Industries (King’s College London)
BA, International Communications Studies 1st Class (Nottingham Ningbo, China)


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As one of the first graduates of the University of Nottingham Ningbo (UNNC), Dr. Yiben Ma completed his undergraduate degree here in 2008. Before joining The Centre for English Language Education (CELE) as a Preliminary Year Tutor in International Communication, he was a teaching fellow in UNNC’s School of International Communications where he taught various modules on media and communication. He obtained an MA from King’s College London and a PhD from the University of Leeds.

His research mainly focuses on Chinese nationalism and the role of the internet in shaping nationalist politics in contemporary China. Specifically, he is interested in the specificity, structure and power relations of Chinese nationalism in the context of online communication. In addition, he also has keen research interests in political communication in China, including but not limited to critical discourse analysis of political texts, propaganda, media and social changes.


Media and Texts: Society

Media and Texts: Culture


Ma, Y. (2018) ‘Online Chinese Nationalism and the Discursive Construction of a Nationalist Hero: The Case of Jin Jing’. Languages Cultures Mediation 5, No. 2, pp. 97-114.

Ma, Y. (2018) ‘Online Chinese nationalism: a competing discourse? A discourse analysis of Chinese media texts relating to the Beijing Olympic torch relay in Paris’. The Journal of International Communication 24, No. 2, pp. 305-325.

Ma, Y. and Rawnsley, G. (2017) ‘ “New Media” and Democratization in East Asia’, in Tun-jen Cheng and Yun-han Chu eds. Routledge Handbook of Democratization in East Asia, London: Routledge.

Ma, Y. (2015) ‘Online Chinese Nationalism and Its Nationalist Discourses’, in Gary Rawnsley and Ming-Yeh Rawnsley eds. Routledge Handbook of Chinese Media, London: Routledge.