CELE Knowledge Exchange Team

CELE Knowledge Exchange Team offers a wide range of commercial and knowledge exchange courses for corporate clients and partner institutions.

CELE’s Knowledge Exchange team is responsible for developing commercial courses and entrepreneurial opportunities, as well as strengthening connections and contributing to the society of our host city. Examples of our current projects can be found below.  



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Medical English

In order to participate in the increasingly internationalised provision of healthcare, it is necessary for doctors to enhance not only their professional skills, but also their language abilities. Healthcare is not solely aimed at fighting diseases but also at caring for patients with empathy. Professional and accurate communication can help the doctor-patient relationship, and thereby have a positive impact on healthcare outcomes. CELE UNNC is looking forward to continuing to make a positive impact to healthcare in our host society. 




Tailor-made Course

CELE has delivered tailored English courses to various companies and organisations which include: CRRC; Healthcare International Zhejiang; Sondrel; Ningbo No.1 Hospital; Sofitel Hotels; Simcere Pharmaceutical and etc.



  • CRRC

  • Huadong Engineering Corporation Limited

  • Healthcare International Zhejiang

  • Health and Family Planning Commission of Sichuan Province-International Center for Health of Sichuan

  • Simcere
  • Ningbo First Hospital, Ningbo Hospital of Zhejiang UniversitySondrel

  • Sondrel

  • Sofitel



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