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Welcome to Centre for Inclusive Finance 

Development of Inclusive Finance is the important work of the State Council mentioned in the Third Plenary Session of the Eighteenth Central State Council Meeting. In 2015, People's Bank of China approved the establishment of the country's first inclusive finance demonstration area in Ningbo. On 17 March  2016, Centre for Inclusive Finance (CIF) was established collaboratively between The University of Nottingham Ningbo China and the People's Bank of China Ningbo Branch. It is the first research institution established between the People’s Bank of China system and the university system in China.



  1. The centre is aiming at producing high quality research outcomes which are consistent and adherent to the themes and hot topics from the perspective of People’s Bank of China and other external collaborators.

  2. CIF organizes trainings and conference activities, and builds a portfolio of strategic partnerships internationally and locally for university industry collaborations, government consultancy and corporate sponsorships.

  3. CIF will significantly improve UNNC’s impact on academic research and government policy recommendation nationally and internationally, especially in the focused areas such as financial inclusion, financial technology, mergers and acquisitions etc.