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Nachiappan (Nachi) Subramanian

Director of PhD Programme, Associate Professor in Operations Management , Nottingham University Business School Ningbo China 


BE (Mechanical Engineering, MKU, India), ME (Production Engineering, MKU, India), PhD (Engineering – Supply Chain, MKU, India) 


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Expertise summary

Dr Nachiappan (Nachi) Subramanian is an Associate Professor in Operational Management and joined UNNC in 2011. He has published over 90 refereed papers which include journal articles and international conference papers. Currently, he is on the editorial board of the International Journal of Integrated Supply Management (IJISM) and International Journal of Applied Industrial Engineering. He edited few special issues in Logistics and Supply Chain Management journals. He also serves as a reviewer for many leading operations and supply chain management journals. Previously, Nachi worked as an associate professor at Thiagarajar College of Engineering, Madurai, India. Conducted his post-doctoral research on multi criteria decision making and performance measurement at University of Nottingham, United Kingdom under BOYSCAST fellowship program and received the Australian Endeavour Research Fellowship Award to conduct research on ‘Complexity, Risks and Low Cost Country Sourcing (with special reference to India). He received a Career Award and Young Scientist Fellowship Award from Indian government agencies to augment his research on supply chain modelling. He has supervised four PhD thesis in balanced path planning, sustainable supplier selection, third party logistics and reverse logistics. He has organised two conferences at national and international level in operational research and two weeks national level short term program for Indian researchers on operational strategies and implementation issues in logistics and supply chain management.

Teaching summary

My teaching interests are in operations management and supply chain management with particular interest in introduction to business operations, management support systems, production planning and control, operational research, managing service operations, research methodology at undergraduate and master’s level.


  • Introduction to business operations
  • Introduction to business methods


  • Supply Chain Management in Practice
  • Developing management research

Research summary

My research interests are in sustainable supply chain, reverse logistics, third party logistics, low cost country sourcing, supply chain complexity & resilience and performance measurement 

Administrative roles

PhD Programme Director 

Research interests


  • Developed mathematical models for two-echelon vendor managed inventory supply chain to determine optimal operating parameters.
  •  Developed heuristics procedure to study and analyse the performance of supply chain.
  •  Studied various issues in real time forecasting.
  •  Used multi criteria decision making methodologies to study the performance of logistics service providers’.

Present and future

  • Involved in identifying suitable sustainable supplier evaluation factors.
  • Developing combined model for location, allocation and routing in reverse logistics network.
  • Exploring critical factors for third party logistics service providers’ success.
  • Analysing the effectiveness of new approaches based on clustering methodologies with respect to balanced multi-robot task allocation.
  • Analyse influence of supply chain strategies on low-cost country sourcing.
  • Study various factors which cause complexity in supply chain.
  • Develop framework and methodologies to improve supply chain resilience
  • Investigate complexity in sourcing and their effects on buyer supplier dyadic relationships


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Case study

Arunpandian P, Nachiappan SP, Dinesh Kumar U (2011). Supply chain optimization at Madurai Aavin Milk Dairy, Harvard Business Publishing.

Book chapters

Subramanian Nachiappan, Natarajan Jawahar (2010), Information Technology enabled Vendor Managed Inventory in modelling supply chain issues: A Review, In Enterprise Information Systems and Implementing IT Infrastructures: Challenges and Issues, IGI Global, 226-252

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Recent papers at conferences, workshops and seminars (from 2008 onwards)

Nachiappan Subramanian, Muhammad D Abdulrahman and Shams Rahman (2012), Sourcing complexity factors on contractual relationship: Chinese suppliers’ perspective, 23rd Annual POMS Annual Conference, Chicago, 20-23 April 2012.

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Media publications

Edwards, David and Subramanian, Nachiappan (2014), ' Delivery drones could be a reality', China Daily, 6 June 2014, p.9

Edwards, David and Subramanian, Nachiappan (2014), 'Delivery drones could be a reality',