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Maria Jun Luo

Deputy Director of Undergraduate Programmes,
Assistant Professor in Marketing & Entrepreneurship , Nottingham University Business School China


MSc International Business (UNNC)


  • Room 249, Trent Building, 199 Taikang East Road, Ningbo 315100 China  
  • +86 574 8818 9264
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Maria Luo


Expertise Summary

Dr. Maria Jun Luo is an Assistant Professor in Marketing & Entrepreneurship. Her research is in the area of services marketing. Her co-authored research output has appeared in both marketing and management journals, including Journal of Business Research, International Journal of Production Economics, and Asia-Pacific Advances in Consumer Research etc. She has been teaching various marketing modules within NUBS China since 2011.

Teaching Summary

Undergraduate Programme

  • Marketing Strategy

    Services Marketing

    Marketing Management

    Business School Dissertation

    Managing the Marketing Mix

    Advertising and Marketing Communication

PG Programme

        Marketing Strategy

        Research Methods in Marketing

Research Summary

Dr. Maria Jun Luo’s research interest includes two parts. In the B2C context, her research focuses dominated on customer relationship management, service recovery, E-WoM and customers’ aggressive behaviors etc. In B2B side, her research interest predominantly focus on service innovation, servitization strategy as well as green production.

Administrative Roles

Deputy Director of Undergraduate Programmes

Recent Publications

Referred Journal Article:

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Referred Book Chapter:

Liu, J. M., Luo J. (Forthcoming). “China Case Book”, Edited by Martin Liu, Jun Luo. Palgrave Macmillan.

Luo J. #*, Liu, M.J., & Chong, A. Y.-L. (2014). Haidilao Hotpot Restaurant. In: Kandampully, J. (ed.) Customer Experience Management -- Enhancing Experience and Value Through Service Management.

Referred International Conferences:

Zhang, Y., Luo, J. #*, and Liu, M. J., Why Do Dissatisfied Chinese Millennial Customers Stay with Disappointed Products? An Exploratory from the Stockholm Syndrome Perspective. European Marketing Association Conference (EMAC), Strathclyde, UK, 2018.05.29-06.01

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Research Grants:

Zhejiang Provincial Branding Academy Grant (2016-2018)

Nottingham University Outstanding Research Support Scheme (ORSS) Grant (2016-2019)

Zhejiang Soft Science Foundation General Programme Grant (2017)

Ningbo Soft Science Foundation General Program Grant (2015)