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Jin Chen

Associate Professor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation , Nottingham University Business School China


PhD (National University of Singapore)
Master (Fudan University)
Bachelor (Fudan University)


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Jin Chen


Expertise summary

Jin Chen is currently an Associate Professor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Nottingham University Business School China. Prior to joining UNNC, she was an Associate Professor in Management Science and Engineering in School of Business, East China University of Science and Technology. Her research interests include technology innovation/entrepreneurship and external financing in emerging markets, especially focusing on the impact of political institutions on start-ups. She has published her research work in international journals, such as Research Policy, IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, Information & Management, European Journal of Information Systems, Journal of Global Information Management, International Journal of Electronic Commerce, and Electronic Markets

Teaching Summary

Technology and Organisation

Corporate Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management

Research Methods for Management Studies

Research Interests

Current research projects include:

  1. Governmental venture capitalists in China and high-tech start-ups’ innovation and entrepreneurship. Funding support from NSFC China (No. 71772061)
  2. Government subsidy and firm performance in China’s transition economies
  3. Start-ups’ technological innovation and external financing in high-velocity environments


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Conference presentations

  1. Chen, J., Hao, B., Feng, Y.N., and Mu, P.Q. (2019) “How does venture capitalists’ portfolio strategy matter? Predicting start-ups’ technological portfolio change,” Strategic Management Society (SMS) Annual Conference, Minneapolis, USA.

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