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Hoi Yan Ada Ma

Assistant Professor in Economics , Nottingham University Business School China


PhD (Economics) Newcastle University, UK
MSc (Economics) University of Southampton, UK 
MA (Economics) University of Edinburgh, UK


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  Ada Ma


Teaching summary


  • Introduction to Microeconomics 

  • Introduction to Macroeconomics


  • Health Economics


Research summary

Ada has written her PhD on Personnel Economics. Following that she went to University of Aberdeen and worked as a Research Fellow on Labour and Health Economics. She worked in a team that calculated the Market Forces Factor - an geographically based cost adjustment that compensated the variation in operation costs for publicly funded hospitals and family doctors in England. She studied and has written papers about the remuneration systems that were introduced to hospitals and family doctors by the British Labour Government in the 2000s. She then worked at the Central Policy Unit of the Hong Kong Government and helped with the preparation of background materials for issues being discussed at the Commission on Strategic Development, which is chaired by the Chief Executive of Hong Kong.

Research interests


Labour economics, applied microeconometrics, policy evaluation, health economics.

Present and future

Labour economics, applied microeconometrics, policy evaluation, health economics, open to suggestions.


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