"Optimum utilization of resources leading to enormous profits of the organization."

Hing Kai Chan
Representative Faculty

Professor Hing Kai Chan

PhD, University of Hong Kong , China / Professor of Operations Management / Expert Committee Member of the Ningbo Municipal Commerce Bureau “Supply Chain Innovation and Applications Committee” / CEng FIET

Professor Chan is an expert in managing and optimising operations and supply chain activities. He had spent around 10 years in the electronic manufacturing sector as a design and project engineer prior to joining the academia. He also specialised in eco-design of electronic products and sustainable operations. 


This specialism introduces you the best practices of operationsand supply chain strategy, and the best-in-class innovative concepts to design operations and supply chain strategy thatlinks to different business functions and strategies. The major objective is to equip you with leading-edge theories, methods,and skills to strengthen competitive advantage of your organization in a global market, which is highly volatile and requires tight collaboration with your suppliers and customers.You will be able to tackle operations and supply  chain issues systematically at both strategic and tactical levels, also from both intra-organizational and inter-organizational points of view. You will learn how to reconfigure and improve your operations and supply chain to boost the performance of your organization. You will acquire tools for making operational design decisions that can increase efficiency, mitigate risk, expand global networks, maximize value creation, and strengthen your competitive position in the market place.

Who should attend

  • Executives
  • Project managers, leaders and supervisors
  • Management trainees

How You Will Benefit

After completion of the module, trainees should be able to:

  • Design an operations and supply chain strategy that fits a dynamic, competitive environment
  • Link your operations and supply chain strategy to your firm’s performance
  • Build operational and supply chain competencies
  • Better structure your company's supply chain strategy
  • Evaluate your operations and supply chain processes
  • Increase operational competencies
  • Integrate supply chain design with product and process development
  • Apply techniques that help you achieve goals and ensure successful projects
  • Improve the success rate of project managementrelated activities
  • Cultivate and manage project teams

Key Focus

Operations Strategy
Project Management
Process Management
Performance Management
Supply Chain Management

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