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Nottingham University Business School China (NUBS China) runs both open-enrollment programmes and company-specific programmes which are designed specifically for individual companies or a group of companies. We focus on company-specific programmes as we feel this provides the best value for firms. A single person can’t change a firm, but with company-specific programmes we can design exactly what the firm needs and make impact. Our company-specific programmes are designed to meet the specific needs of individual firms. The NUBS China Executive Education is different from other providers in a number of ways:

  • Practically oriented: We understand that time is money. Our programmes help to address real business issues that meet specific client aims. 
  • Interactive teaching methodology: Our programmes use diverse interactive teaching methods like case studies, live cases, simulations, and role plays to maximise student engagement and knowledge retention while streamlining the learning process. 
  • A strong network: In addition to our own faculty who are permanently based in China, we also draw on our extensive contacts at other top business schools from around the world to teach in our programmes.  
  • A changing world, bringing results from cutting-edge research into the classroom: Firms and their executives should have the best and latest tools at their disposal to have the best chance of success.  
  • International best practice adapted to Chinese reality: Our faculty, originating from over 20 countries and regions around the world, bring broad perspective and experience into the classroom. 
  • Making sure “implementation” : We are not only concerned about delivering new knowledge, but making sure that what we teach is actually used in firms. 
  • Opening your mind: Be inspired to think about solving your business problems in new innovative ways. One can outperform competitors by better executing the same strategy or by developing an innovative strategy that is different.

Executive Education

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