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Services for Business 


Our Faculty in practice are specialists in their field and can provide expert advice on topics ranging from mergers and acquisitions, to business start-ups to developing corporate strategy and overseas expansion. 

NUBS China Consulting

Our teaching model focuses on students conducting consulting projects, mentored and supported by academic staff throughout. This gives our students vital real-world problem solving and project management experience and provides the companies they work with tangible results at low or zero cost.

Research collaboration

We are always looking for organisations with which to collaborate on field research. This enables our academic staff to remain at the forefront of management practice within their chosen field and provides the organisation with the additional resource with which to better understand their business. 


Executive education

Besides offering open-enrolment programmes, we are specialised in designing and producing company-specific executive education programmes which are tailored for individual firms or a group of companies to meet specific needs.




Email email if you have any questions or further enquiries about our services.