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Summer School 2022

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UNNC is delighted to offer two summer school courses in 2022.

Option A: STEM 

Option B: Business Humanities and Social Sciences

Why spend your summer at UNNC?

Improve transferable skills
Develop self-confidence
Guide your choices
Strengthen your application
Make new friends


Our Summer School Courses

Academic English
Subject Workshops
Sports, Culture and Self-Study
University Admissions Series



STEM Projects

Week 1: Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

• Immerse yourself in a new learning approach

• Gain basic knowledge of VR/AR technology

• Develop VR simulations with Unity3D® and AR interactivity with MergeCube® 

Week 2: Electronic Circuits for Current and Future Engineering 

• An introduction to the fundamentals of electronics technology

• Build simple electronic circuits independently

• Use semiconductor technology, including light intensity sensors and Arduino technology for wireless RF and Bluetooth connectivity

Week 3: Flight School for Drones

• Learn the theory behind the avionics which control a drone

• Build a drone from basic components

• Program a drone to follow a flight path or perform simple tasks and finally fly a drone independently

*Course content may be subject to change

Business Humanities and Social Sciences

Week 1: Creative Industries and Transmedia

• Think about the connection between stroytelling and transmedia.

• Enter the fascinating world of storytelling, tansmedia and technology.

• Use multiplatform to communicate across cultures.

Week 2: Finance 

• Discover the the theoretical knowledge as well as industry-level practices and applications in real world.

• See the beauty of art in terms of business finance start-up.

• Learn advanced technique skills on data visualization and graphical display. 

Week 3: Principles of Economics: Thinking like an Economist

• Study how fundamental principles of economics affect people's decisions.

• Investigate how economists view the world through economic models, the influence of policymakers, and the forces of supply and demand.

• Conduct simple yet insightful economic analysis of real-life examples.

*Course content may be subject to change


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At the end of the course, all students will receive a certificate of completion from the University of Nottingham Ningbo China, to reward them for their hard work and progress over the three weeks. This can act as evidence of curiosity and commitment to study, which can be very useful when applying for university in the United Kingdom.


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If this sounds like a great way to spend your summer, ask your parents to scan the QR code to apply for the UNNC Summer School 2022. This is a highly competitive programme, and all applicants will have to pass an interview with an international interviewer to secure a spot.



Dates: 18th July – 5th August, 2022

Capacity (per option)  : 30 students 

Age: 15-18

Fee: 29,800 RMB 

Early-Bird Fee: 28,500 RMB 

Application Deadline: 17th June, 2022

Early-Bird Deadline: 29th April, 2022

* All applicants must have English level of IELTS 5.5 or equivalent. If a student does not have recognised certification for English, UNNC will assess their level during the interview.

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