Nottingham Alumni Entrepreneur Club (NAEC)


The Nottingham Alumni Entrepreneur Club (NAEC) is going to build a communication and exchange platform for entrepreneurial and innovative alumni resources, information, knowledge, experience and contacts, to bring more exciting opportunities to the entrepreneurs and innovators, to become a bridge between the alumni entrepreneurs and their alma mater, government and society, and to connect resources inside and outside the school. Better help alumni companies’ growth, and cultivate a spirited home of entrepreneurs with a high sense of identity and belonging, contributing to the global impact of the University and its alumni community.


  • Gather the mature entrepreneurs and new comers.

  • Disseminate Entrepreneurship and social responsibilities to Nottingham outstanding alumni.

  • Help Nottingham businessman achieving greater goals in the society.

  • Obtain reputation and advertising from Nottingham Entrepreneurs activities.

  • Encourage remarkable Nottingham Entrepreneurs involving in university development

Structure and Briefs

UNNC Alumni Office will be the leading department of NAEC. NAEC is a functional chapter parallel to other regional alumni chapters, which are not stand-alone initiatives but are designed to support one another, all are running under the framework of the Alumni Association, who guides the strategies and operation goals of NEAC. Consultative committee, councilman and board, and secretariat will be firstly established. The club’s service targets are mainly Councilman’s companies/institutes, Club Members, alumni and cooperation units, and all contribute to the long-term development of the club.

Events, workshops and online sharing sessions will be held, and all club activities will be fully engaged, and be open to all club members and alumni, aiming to build a public and interactive platform.

The club is being well prepared and will be officially launched in the Mid-August in London, the UK, where the University Management Board members, Consultative Committee members, and Councilman and Board members will be attending.

Recruiting (to all Nottignham alumni)

Vacancies: 理事企业 (Councilman)

Requirements (for Councilman):

Entrepreneurship and innovative alumni with the company been established for over 3 years, who are keen on the club business and help the club grow; recognise the club's philosophy and mission, and are willing to participate regularly in the entrepreneurship activities and would love to contribute their own strength and resources. To be recommended by anyone of the Executive President, Vice President or the Secretariat. After 1 year of investigation on the candidate’s involvement, with thecompany’s operations healthy and financial status stable, the admissions will be approved and published.

Vacancies: 俱乐部会员 (Member)

Requirements (for Member):

Entrepreneurship and innovative alumni, and other ordinary alumni, who areinterested in the club’s activities, with strong intend to become a member of the club,and have their critical and creative ideas about entrepreneurial activities. They are required to sign up for the event through related channels, and bear the expenses forthe activities’ travel.


Application channel

 Please click HERE and open the link of application form. Complete the information and the result will be released in one month. May you have any queries, please contact