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Social entrepreneurship through disc sports

An Chenran, Xue Zhixing, Xu Yingfeng, Wang Yinqiu, Yao Xi and Zhou Liebin, a group of BSc Finance, Accounting and Management and BA International Business Management graduates, have combined their passion for flying disc sports with their business skills to create the successful, and socially-responsible, company YikunSports.

Founded in 2008 while they were all students at the University, YikunSports is a specialised supplier of professional products and services to develop disc-based sports in China. It is playing a major part in developing these sports and promoting them to a wider audience.

Each member of the team resigned from high-paid jobs to support the company’s development producing discs for various sports. The company now has customers in more than 40 countries and Bestseller, L.L.Bean, Subway and the World Anti-Doping Agency are just some of its high-profile clients.

But it’s not just business that is close to the group’s heart – they are also keen to make a difference through sport, helping many fledgling disc sports groups through sponsorship, coaching and the provision of equipment. More than 100 middle and high schools have started physical education lessons with help from the company, while around 30 regions have set up disc sports bases for youth physical education. Voluntary workshops in special education schools and schools in remote areas are also organised by the company to share the fun of disc sports.

YikunSports has cooperated with non-governmental organisations to help and enrich the sports and education experience in less-developed regions of China as well as other Asian countries. The team has established partnerships with members of the Peace Corps to promote disc sports in rural areas and developing countries.




Each member of the team resigned from high-paid jobs to support the company’s development