Organise a reunion 组织校友聚会


Organising a reunion is a great way to reunite alumni who have lost touch with one another, re-ignite old friendships or they can simply be an excuse to hold a celebration for those of you who have stayed in touch over the years!

We're here to help alumni organise reunions everyone will enjoy. Read our top tips for getting started below.

The main steps you will need 发起活动

All you need to organise a great reunion are the right ingredients. Here are the main steps we think you'll need to consider to create your event: 

Why are you organising the event?

What is the reason for getting people together? Are you celebrating a graduation anniversary, wish to revisit on campus or simply want to reconnect with your classmates? The reason usually shapes the theme of the event. 

When do you plan on hosting the event?

Choosing the right date and time is important and you need to consider which date is suitable for you and your guests. Events during public holidays and in the week can sometimes be troublesome as guests may have other plans.  

Where would you like the event to take place?

Will the event be in China, overseas, on campus or in a local restaurant? Wherever it is going to be held, it is important to make sure the place is suitable for the number of attendees and the theme of the event.     

Will people would like to attend the event? 

Are you in touch with your proposed guests and they are highly possible to make it to attend the event? We can support to help promote on social media to call up more people to join the reunion.

How we can support to help 得到我们的全力支持

We are available to support you with:

  • providing the online platform (Alumni Online Centre) for event organisation, where alumni can register for a free or charged event/activity.
  • putting you in touch with the University Liberty Arts Hotel who will help you to plan the event logistics for on campus reunions. They will provide support with venue hire, simple decorations and catering.
  • sending out your event invitations to guests via email or SMS.
  • promoting your event on our events page and through our social media channels.

To get support from us, please email

How you can support us 加入我们吧

When organising your event, we hope you will support us by sharing the names of your classmates, any contact details and photos from the event. 

This helps us to connect and keep in touch with our alumni, making sure your classmates don't miss out on the latest news and events from around the University.