Alumni email 校友邮箱

Only Nottingham alumni will be eligible for the account. It is a way of sharing pride with your network of contacts, as well as receiving updates from the University and the alumni network.

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Alumni email Q&A:

How do I create my alumni email address? 如何拥有校友邮箱

You will get a free UNNC email address ending in automatically right after your graduation with the same login to receive university and alumni news, get career advice, tips and event invites.  However, do remember to update the password every 360 DAYS to enable your email address active.


What if i forget my alumni email password? 忘记密码怎么办

If you would like to update the password, please open the link If you forget your password, please contact for enquries.

对于邮箱状态正常且想更新密码的校友,可登录网页 填写信息进行更新;如果忘记密码,可邮件至 进行相关问询。

What shall I do if my alumni email has been deleted? 校友邮箱失效怎么办

In order to properly manage the database, the alumni email which is kept unused for over 360 days will be deleted (no reminder of updating the password will be sent to you). For the alumni who would like to recreate their alumni emails (if deleted earlier), we provide the service for email recreation. Please make the application online by clicking HERE (anytime), and the email activation will be dealt with intensively once year (in May). Please be well noted that the application for activation will be denied if the accounts have been deleted three times.

Thus, to maintain your alumni email account, we strongly suggest that you use it at a certain of frequency (360 days).