Build a network of professional connections 打造校友圈

With 280,000 Nottingham alumni in over 195 nations across the world, you are part of a rich and diverse alumni community. Expand your professional network, create or optimise your professional LinkedIn profile. You can search over 147,000 alumni by sector, subject of study, location and much more via our LinkedIn alumni page and expand your professional network.

Connect with fellow alumni and join networking events 加入我们

You will discover a range of exclusive alumni networking events at home and abroad. Follow up our social media (Wechat account: NAAN07) or join the local group to make sure you don't miss any exciting activites and networking opportunities.

Mentor a student 成为校友导师

The Alumni Mentoring Scheme pairs you with a current student to help to develop their confidence and insight into job roles and work sectors. As a Mentor you will have an opportunity to develop your mentoring and coaching skills as well as staying connected with student life at UNNC.

Over 50 mentors and 150 mentees have been matched for 2019/20, providing students with a sounding board for their career ideas. If you are interested in our scheme and and cannot wait to make a difference, check out about more details HERE.

Provide a work placement or internship 提供工作/实习机会

Why not consider providing an internship/placement or graduate job to a UNNC student? We are happy to hear about opportunities for our students and graduates at any time of the year.

  • Placements are normally for between six months and one year in length and are usually related to degree disciplines.
  • Internships are normally for between six and ten weeks over the summer vacation and do not have to be degree related.

You can get in touch with us naan@nottingham.edu.cn to discuss potential options.

Returning overseas alumni career fair 海归招聘会

2018.10.13-Job fair-1
2018.10.13-Job fair-2
2018.10.13-Job fair-3
2018.10.13-Job fair-4

Returning UK-China alumni job fair was held at UNNC on Saturday 13 October, which was supported by UNNC Alumni Association, Imperial Alumni Association, LSE Alumni Association, etc. For more details, please click HERE.

2018.11.9-SH JF-1

UNNC Alumni Association, as one of the organisers of the returning overseas alumni job fair, helped to promote the fair in Shanghai on 6 November. Click HERE to see more details.

Looking for a job 就业机会

You can register and login with your ID (https://careers.nottingham.edu.cn) to check out the latest job openings from a wide array of companies as referred by Schools/Departments/Alums for our graduates on the job board.

Further study 升学通道

Thinking of enrolling for a postgraduate qualification? Further study at UNNC is highly rewarding. We warmly welcome back alumni wishing to continue their education at UNNC. More importantly, Nottingham alumni (former full-time undergraduate students) are entitled to discounts on further study at UNNC by saving 15% on the tuition fee.