International Residence Building 18

Accommodation in the Students’ Residence Hall 18 takes the form of fully furnished, four-room flats. Each flat has four private bedrooms, two toilets, one shower room, one washing room and a lounge/common room. The common room is equipped with a fridge, TV set and a few cooking appliances.

Accommodation fees 2021/22

 11,000 RMB per academic year/5,500RMB per semester+1,000 RMB deposit (a must)

What does my accommodation fee include?

  • Exclusive occupation of a single room or joint occupation of a shared common room for the duration of the fixed term.
  • Use of all the facilities in your residence and use of shared facilities where these are indicated below.
  • It does not include your fuel, water, internet costs and other costs listed below
Additional costs


Accommodation details and facilities

 Accommodationd details and facilities
Accommodation type Self-catered four-bedroom flat
Floor area Total flat size :74 m2 ; Each room: 8.9m2
Location High street (on campus)
Distance to the main teaching building 5 minutes' walk
Internet in room Yes - China Telecom (additional cost)
Shared facilities
  • Launderette (5 coin operated washing machines & 5 coin operated drying machines)
  • One lounge/common room shared with 4 students
  • One washing room shared with 4 students
Bathroom facilities One shower room per flat (shared with 4 students)
Toilet facilities 2 toilets per flat (shared with 4 students)
Cooking facilities                        A few cooking appliances in the lounge/common room including a refrigerator, a bread baker, an induction stove, a rice cooker and a kettle.
Bedroom facilities

Desk lamp, Soft Mattress, Air conditioner, Hard Mattress, A package of bedding (a pillow, a sheet, a quilt), Basic furniture (single-sized bed, desk, chair, wardrobe, bookshelf)         

Lounge/common room facilities Furniture (1 set)            TV(1)                     
Rice cooker (1)               Fridge (1)
bread baker(1)              Trash can (1)
Kettle (1)
Room services Twice a month free of charge