Vision, Mission, Values and Goals


Our Vision 

Our vision is to be a university without borders, where we embrace the opportunities presented by a changing world, and where ambitious people and a creative culture will enable us to change the world for the better.


Our Mission

  • We have inspiring campuses in three countries, energising us to be a globally engaged university that is also committed to making a difference in our cities and regions

  • We empower and support students and staff to collaborate in learning, scholarship and discovery across all realms of knowledge, solving problems and improving lives

  • We are stewards of a pioneering and entrepreneurial tradition of creativity and innovation

Our Values

  • Inclusivity

    We are a community where everyone can contribute and be appreciated for who they are. 

  • Ambition

    We set the highest standards for ourselves and our work and support each other to achieve them. 

  • Openness

    We adopt a straightforward and transparent way of communicating with each other and with the world, championing the free exchange of ideas. 

  • Fairness

    Our decisions and actions are consistent, impartial and ethical. 

  • Respect

    We have regard for each other’s rights and feelings, and demonstrate this in our behaviour, treating each other with kindness. 

Check the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion website for more information


Our Goals

Solving Problems and Improving Lives.
Supporting Potential.
Developing the Campus Experience.
Cultivating a Global Mindset.
Fostering Creativity, Discovery and Experiment.
Contributing to Sustainable Development Goals.
Embedding Collaboration in all that we do.


Check the Sustainability at UNNC website for more information