Nicholas Hamm

Associate Professor

Geographical Sciences / Faculty of Science and Engineering
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Room 439, Sir Peter Mansfield Building


University of Nottingham Ningbo China


199 Taikang East Road, Ningbo, 315100, China


+86 (0) 574 8818 0000 Extension 8980


BSc (Hons)

MRes (Lond)

PhD (Soton)


Dr Hamm graduated with BSc and MRes degrees from University College London and followed this with a PhD at the University of Southampton.   He has held academic and research appointments at the University of Twente (The Netherlands), University of Southampton (UK) and the University of Bristol (UK). He has also held visiting appointments at the University of Queensland (Australia) and RMIT University (Australia).  

Expertise Summary

Dr Hamm is a geoinformation scientist with specific interests in uncertainty, spatial data quality and the integration of heterogeneous datasets. He also has a background in geography and environmental science. He has particular expertise in geostatistical modelling of spatial and spatial-temporal data and the evaluation of uncertainty in environmental models and geographic data. He works with a range of environmental datasets including those from airborne and spaceborne remote sensing, in situ environmental sensors and environmental models. Applications include environmental monitoring (e.g., air quality, land cover), environmental modelling (e.g., species distribution modelling, biogeochemical cycles) and geo-health (e.g., neglected tropical diseases).   


I teach undergraduate courses relating to geoinformation science, remote sensing and environmental analysis.  I have taught postgraduate courses in spatial data quality, geostatistics and remote sensing.

Research interests

Geoinformation science

Geostatistics and spatial-temporal statistics

Novel geospatial datasets

Earth observation, remote sensingUncertainty in geospatial data and analysis


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Refereed Journal Papers (ISI)

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Book Chapters

Hamm, N. A. S., M. van Lochem, G. Hoek, R. Otjes, S. van der Sterren & H. Verhoeven (2016) The Invisible Made Visible: Science and Technology." In Aireas: Sustainocracy for a Healthy City: The Invisible Made Visible Phase 1, edited by Jean-Paul Close, 51-77, Dordrecht, Springer. DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-26940-5_3. 

Hamm, N., P. M. Atkinson & E. J. Milton. 2004. On the effect of positional uncertainty in field measurements on the atmospheric correction of remotely sensed imagery. In X. Sanchez Vila, J. Carrera & J. J. Gomez Hernandez(eds.) GeoEnv IV - Geostatistics for Environmental Applications, Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht, 91-102.