Tengwen Long

Assistant Professor(Lecturer)

Geographical Sciences / Faculty of Science and Engineering
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Trent Building Mailroom #130


University of Nottingham Ningbo China


199 Taikang East Road, Ningbo, 315100, China


+86 (0)574 8818 0000-8719


PhD (Geography)

MSc (Geology)

BSc (Geography)


Tengwen was trained as a Quaternary scientist and his research focuses on the human dimensions of past environmental change. He has a broad interest in recent or distant past of the Earth and social systems, but in particular specialises in reconstructing long-term interactions between human societies and environment in China using palaeoecological and geochronological techniques. His publications were highlighted in top journals and social media, including Nature Plants and Science Advances.

Before joining UNNC, Tengwen had his PhD from Trinity College, the University of Dublin, and worked as a postdoctoral scientist at Freie Universität Berlin and German Archaeological Institute.

Tengwen is always happy to collaborate in the broad field of environmental change and welcomes highly motivated students to discuss potential research projects. Please contact him for further information.

Expertise Summary

Tengwen specialises in using sediment-based techniques to reconstruct past environmental change on a range of timescales, especially in techniques from palaeoecology and 14C chronology.


Tengwen teaches Principles of Ecology (GEOG1022) and Techniques in Environmental Science (GEOG2050). He convenes Dissertation Preparation (GEOG2043) and Dissertation (GEOG3046).

Research interests

Environmental change and human-environmental interactions on the Holocene timescale

Using palaeolimnological techniques to reconstruct pollution history

The origin of agriculture and civilisations in Eurasia


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Leipe, C., Long, T., Sergusheva, E. A., Wagner, M., Tarasov, P. E. Discontinuous spread of millet agriculture in eastern Asia and prehistoric population dynamics. Science Advances 5 (9), eaax6225 (2019).

Long, T., Leipe, C., Jin, G., Wagner, M., Guo, R., Schröder, O., Tarasov, P. E. The early history of wheat in China from 14C dating and Bayesian chronological modelling. Nature Plants 4, 272-279 (2018).

Long, T., Wagner, M., Tarasov, P. E. A Bayesian analysis of radiocarbon dates from prehistoric sites in the Haidai Region, East China, for evaluation of the archaeological chronology. Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports 12, 81-90 (2017).

Long, T., Hunt, C. O., Taylor, D. Radiocarbon anomalies suggest late onset of agricultural intensification in the catchment of the southern part of the Yangtze Delta, China. Catena 147, 586-594 (2016).