University rehearses return of students to campus

08 April 2020 | Students Staff Coronavirus

8th April: The University held a health and safety drill ahead of the expected return of students to campus.

The drill kicked off at 10 am, with students bused into campus for registration and temperature measurement.

At 10:30 am, the Clinic received a call from a student reporting a fever, cough and fatigue. Within 10 minutes, a clinic staff member arrived at Building 23 carrying medical supplies and wearing a protective outfit. 

The clinic staff member instructed the student to wear a surgical mask, transferred him to the nearest isolation room, took his body temperature and asked about his medical history. 

After confirming the student’s fever, the clinic staff member reported the information to the fever patient management system of the local health department, and he was transferred to a fever clinic in a special purpose vehicle.

At the same time, security guards and hall receptionists sealed off the student's room while Student Support Advisors guided his roommates to take the campus tour car to the LA Hotel for temporary isolation and to wait for his medical check result.

At 11 am, another group of students entered the campus - however, a thermo-detector alarm indicated that one student had an above-normal temperature.

Security guards notified the standby clinic staff, who immediately transferred the student to the nearest isolation stall and completed all required processes.

Liam, an international student who remained on campus during the winter break, also participated in the drill. "I think the drill was very well thought out and educational," he said. "It thought about many possible situations and provided multiple solutions for each one. I believe that it can help people to be more at ease about coming back."

The University hopes the drill will further enhance its epidemic prevention and control, as well as contribute to campus preparations for returning students. The UNNC working group of COVID-19 prevention and control continue to draw up plans for the return of student to UNNC.

The University has implemented the regular disinfection of the campus, ensured that there are enough epidemic prevention supplies, established a joint prevention and control mechanism with local health institutions and formulated a canteen management and food safety guarantee system. In addition, UNNC will carry out further self-examination and improvement as regulated by Zhejiang Province to ensure the health of returning staff and students.