Ningbo Health Code Guide

19 February 2020 | Announcements Coronavirus

Please note this English version is released by Ningbo government.

This code system registration is for people who are currently in Ningbo, and those who are coming to Ningbo. The simple guide (below) to obtaining your code should be followed once you arrive back in Ningbo, or in China if you return from overseas.

Our HR Office are available to support you, as required, in obtaining your personal Health Code as part of your return to campus process during the coming weeks.

The Application Procedure for "Ningbo Health Code"

Q1: What is the "Health Code"?

The Ningbo Municipal Government released a code management system for people in and entering Ningbo. It's a self report system that asks user to update their health information in the app. And it will be checked in transport hubs like metro and train station. It has color of "Green, yellow and red".

The "Red Code" including confirmed cases, suspected cases, asymptomatic infections, people in close contacts with confirmed cases, people under medical observation and quarantine, people who came to Ningbo from the hardest-hit areas of the epidemic, or have been to these areas and people from other specific areas.In principle, the "Red code" people who wants to enter Ningbo will advise to return back or delay their return. People with "Red code" has already arrived in Ningbo will be implemented for 14 days of centralized quarantine or strict home quarantine for medical observation.

The "Yellow Code" mainly include those people with fever, shortness of breath and respiratory symptoms, those who have close contact with patients with fever or respiratory symptoms, those who have close contact with confirmed cases or have confirmed cases in the same building where they live or live temporarily, and people from high-risk counties (cities, districts) within and outside the province. People with "Yellow code" will subject to 7 days of home or centralized quarantine for medical observation according to the provisions.

The "Green Code" shall be persons other than "Red code" and "Yellow code".

According to the decision from the Ningbo Leading group for Epidemic Prevention and Control, people who have "Green code" allowed to pass throughout the city after their temperature taken. Checkpoints at all levels of the city shall not be allowed to refuse non-local license plates, non-local census register to entry Ningbo or entry into the village and residential areas. Employment and schooling of those people shall not be restricted and they have the freedom to rent houses.

Q2: How to apply for "Ningbo Health Code"?
Step 1 open Alipay app and then click "City Service"

Step 2 make sure the city is "Ningbo" and then choose “Ningbo Health Code"

Step 3 fill in the boxes


Q3: How to use "Ningbo Health Code"?

In all the checkpoints that need to use "Health code", you can open Alipay, click on the "Pocket", "Credentials", and then click to check the "Health code" on the next page, the system will automatically display the user's exclusive "Health code" (red, yellow or green). According to Ningbo's epidemic control rules, users should take the initiative to show the code to staffs to pass throughout the city.

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