UNNC Choir finishes third in QQ music competition

03 April 2020 | Students Coronavirus Media

The UNNC Choir has taken third prize with their song If tomorrow is the next life in a prestigious online music contest organised by QQ. The competition was intended to showcase projects undertaken by Chinese universities in the wake of the COVID-19 virus. The winners were decided by an online poll.

The Choir's special arrangement involved the participation of 32 students, who all recorded their parts separately in their own homes before the piece was edited together.

"This piece includes the four vocal parts of soprano, alto, tenor and bass, plus piano accompaniment," said pianist and choir leader, Xuyuan Wu. "The final music video integrated more than 30 audio tracks and videos."

However, the intention of the choir was not simply to enter the arrangement into an online competition. Recorded in separate locations across the world, the students "virtually" came together to transmit warmth and hope to all. "The epidemic makes us understand better the value of life and to cherish the ordinary," said deputy choir leader, Jiayi Feng. "The song is also a reflection upon our own lives."

Before students could undertake the complicated task of recording and editing, they first had to gain the appropriate copyright for the music. "At first, we didn't know who to contact for copyright," said Jiayi. "It took us quite some effort to get in touch with the Rainbow Chamber Singers, who had also sung the song. They helped and guided us to find the right person."

Members of the choir have been pleasantly surprised by the reaction that the recording has received, although they reiterate that acclaim was never the intention. "By the time we joined, the contest had already been going for some time," said another choir leader, Xiaotong Jiang. "In the beginning, all we wanted was to utilise the platform to convey our wishes and support to more people."

QQ has decided to feature the song prominently on their official Weibo account.

If tomorrow is the next life