White tea for Hubei medical heroes

13 April 2020 | Media Students Staff Coronavirus

After sending white tea leaves with letters of thanks to medical professionals returning from Hubei, Zi Ye finally relaxed, satisfied to successfully convey the gratitude of people of Anji.

Zi Ye is a Year Two student studying International Business and Management at UNNC. Her hometown Anji, Zhejiang, recently welcomed the return of 210 medical professionals from Hubei Province, where they had been helping to fight the COVID-19 virus. Zi noticed the news and was deeply moved. "I wanted to do something for these heroes."

Zi had a comprehensive understanding of one of Anji’s special plants - white tea - thanks to her in-depth market research at UNNC. Without the efforts of medical professionals and the prompt control of the pandemic, the economic loss within the tea industry would otherwise have been immense.

Zi understood that her influence was limited. Hence, she contacted the Anji Volunteer Association and united 12 other students from different universities around the nation who shared her gratitude.

They were all determined to present the gifts before the medical professionals left Anji. Some volunteers were responsible for designing gift packages while some contacted tea merchants or collected tea door to door. Some even set up booths in the tea market.

Zi was pleasantly surprised to receive widespread support from growers for her proposals, including Song Ming White Tea, the industry leaders in Anji, and Zhejiang Jiemei Electronic Technology.

In Kuntong, one of the main tea growing regions in Anji, local cadres took Zi and other volunteers to collect tea from growers and everyone was more generous than expected.

Within three days, the team received 21kg of white tea from nearly 100 growers, tea merchants and enthusiasts. To highlight the local tea culture and express everyone's gratitude, Zi carefully customised bamboo basket boxes for gift wrapping with letters of thanks and signed by donors.

After two busy weeks, Zi finally sent the gift to the medical team. "We are very grateful to receive these gifts and strongly feel the sincerity and kindness of people in Anji. Thank you all so much!" said Ji Wang, deputy director of the Medical Engineering Department of Zhejiang Hospital.

In the opinion of Zi and other volunteers, the giving of white tea was trivial compared to the contribution of medical staff in Wuhan. However, they were content to see the smiling faces of appreciative doctors and nurses.