Coronavirus: Update for students

12 February 2020 | Announcements Coronavirus Students

This Q&A is to answer some of the questions we have received from students via

UNNC Health and Safety Protocols in Teaching Environment

Updated on 28 April

These protocols are directly aligned with the University’s overall Health and Safety Procedures with the focus on the teaching environment. They include:

  • The health and safety protocols for classroom teaching

Prior to class: lecturers are to collect masks from the Faculty Office/ CPSO for both yourself and students, some of whom may arrive in class not wearing a mask.

In class: remind students to observe personal preventive hygiene at the beginning of class as follows:

  • Wear a mask at all time during class (both staff and students)
  • Refrain from touching each other or talking in close proximity
  • Use the hand sanitizers located in the classroom before and after each class
  • If you feel unwell, raise your hand to indicate this to the teaching staff and explain that you are feeling unwell
  • If a person feels unwell during a class

Please read more on Moodle.


UNNC Epidemic Prevention and Control Procedures updated 

Updated on 27 April

An updated version of the UNNC Epidemic Prevention and Control Procedures has been released for our staff and students. The update includes:

  • The requirements on when to wear a mask on campus
  • Public space management (when to switch on the central air conditioning)
  • What if someone has a fever on campus

Please read more on Moodle


Updated on 1 April

Re housing refund issue

We have been receiving a number of requests and concerns lately, regarding changes brought about by COVID-19. We understand that times like these are difficult as they come with a lot of uncertainty. But please be assured that the University will never neglect your concerns and will respond to them in due course.

With the specific case of the housing refund, please bear with us as the University needs more time to work out the details. There are many pending issues relevant to that decision, and that we haven’t received the government directive on campus re-opening is one of them.

At the moment, our intention is still for you to return to campus to complete your studies for the remainder of the semester. As soon as we are informed of an opening date for the campus from government we will provide a solution to the housing refund issue. We anticipate this would happen fairly quickly after policies on the return-to-campus date are made public.

Meanwhile, the University, as well as LAC, are making every effort to support the campus operation during this challenging period, including online teaching, ensuring the safety of returned staff and providing adequate supplies at the time of campus re-opening.

Please stand with us during this tough time. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Updated on 27 March

Message to international students

Hope you are staying safe and healthy wherever you are. As you might already know, the Chinese government announced last night that it would temporarily restrict entry to all foreigners due to the COVID-19 situation. This includes UNNC international staff and students who are currently overseas, who will not be able to return in the immediate future.   

Please be reassured we have already factored this scenario into our teaching plan. A separate teaching and assessment plan has been drafted for international students.  The main principles are to ensure that your hard work will be rewarded, and that you will progress and graduate on time. In addition to continued online learning, we will also provide alternative assessment methods for those who are not able to be in the university to sit these assessments in person. Your faculty and first year offices will be in touch shortly with the details.

In the meantime, I hope you will continue to engage in online studies with your lecturers, and make the best of this experience. Please feel free to contact your module convenor/ personal tutor for academic support, or IT/ LRLR for technical issues. Thank you once again, and as always, stay safe and healthy.


Updated on 17 Feb 2020

Update: Ningbo has one new confirmed case on 15 Feb and one on 16 Feb.

Q: When is the online registration for Spring Semester?
A: The online registration tag for Spring Semester will be available at MyNottingham ( from 3pm on 28 February 2020.

Q: When is online teaching starting?
A: Online teaching will start on 2 March 2020

Q: Who should I contact regarding my online teaching?
A: Your Faculty Office/ module convenors will update you by 24 February regarding what to do, the various platforms we are using and what you need to do for online teaching. Please contact your Faculty Office/ module convenors if you do not hear from them by 24 February.

Q: Can I still change modules in the first weeks of the online teaching?
A: Module handbooks/ introductory lectures will be made available on Moodle by 24 February. Online teaching will commence on 2 March. You will have until 6 March 5pm to change your modules online.

Q: Who do I contact if I encounter issues during online teaching?
A: Please contact your module convenor for academic issues and the e-learning team for technical support. Email:
Helpline: (86) 574 88180000-8915

Q: Can I return to campus during online teaching period?
A: We do not have permission to reopen the university for students’ return at this moment. We will update you regarding return dates for students after we receive notification from the local government and have made the necessary arrangements for a safe return of students to campus. International students already on campus may remain on campus.

Q: What will happen if face-to-face classes resume but I am unable to return to campus due to travel restrictions?
A: UNNC will provide online support to the affected students if travel restrictions persist after face-to-face classes resume. We will continually assess the situation to ensure all students are fully supported in their studies and assessments in this semester.

Q: If I am prevented from returning to campus by travel restrictions imposed by the authorities beyond the online teaching period, can I apply for extenuating circumstances for those modules?
A: Yes. We will need evidence indicating you were unable to access materials, advice and/or unable to complete the work because of resources which could not be accessed online.

Q: Will there be face-to-face classes this semester?
A: We will deliver all classes via online for the first four weeks with no face-to-face teaching. We will assess the health and safety risks and commence face-to-face sessions only when it is safe to do so and have received permission from the local government.

Q: How will we ensure quality of online teaching? What if I am not happy?
A: UNNC has set up feedback mechanisms at the school, faculty and university levels. We will assess the feedback from students and staff, and monitor the learning outcomes and quality of the online teaching. We will ensure all learning outcomes are achieved, either online or face-to-face. Please contact if you would like to raise any issues.

Q: What about my lab sessions? Will they be online too?
A: We aim to deliver lab sessions in person on campus. Module timetables will be rearranged so that these sessions are later in the semester. Obviously we can only run such lab sessions once we have permission to reopen the campus for face-to-face teaching.

Q: How will assessment on my modules be affected?
A: We expect that the end of semester exams will go ahead - you will be informed nearer the time if this changes. For some modules, assessments during the semester are being altered or re-scheduled. Up to date details of your assessment will be provided on module Moodle pages by 24 February. You will be notified by your module convenor if assessments change.

Q: Will the University consider postponing exams and shortening the summer vacation?
A: As the situation surrounding the coronavirus (COVID – 19) is constantly changing, the University is in the process of reviewing and making necessary adjustment to the semester arrangements. We will keep you updated.

Q: I am unsure whether I (or my lecturer from last semester) will be back on campus to give feedback on my examinations. How can I get feedback once the results are published?
A: At the moment, there are practical problems for staff accessing examination scripts from last semester. Your Faculty Office will inform you how and when feedback will be provided as the situation improves.

Q: How do I access textbooks for my modules?
A: The Library are assisting teaching staff to prepare e-textbooks and learning materials for online delivery starting on 2 March. Your module convenors should have updated you by 24 February regarding this.

Q: How can I access library resources?
A: NUsearch is the one stop entry point for your learning materials. Access to the online library is available via If you have difficulties in accessing e-resources, please email us at


Updated on 14 Feb

Ningbo has no new confirmed cases on 13 and 14 Feb.

Please find the latest Q&A from the UNNC clinic.

Q: Why has the UNNC clinic stopped providing face-to-face consultations?
A: This is to comply with government regulations on avoiding cross infection. There have been reports that people with asymptomatic infections attended clinics and infected medical staff, who in turn transmitted the virus to clusters of other people.

Q: What can I do if I have medical symptoms other than a fever, cough or breathing difficulties?
A: Please call 88180120 or 15168185997 (24/7) or e-mail the UNNC clinic ( to consult with our doctor. Our doctor will dispense medical advice and prescriptions based upon your complaint and medical history.

Q: What if I have a fever, cough or breathing difficulties?
A: In response to the Coronavirus outbreak, all clinics - including the UNNC Clinic - were recently forbidden to treat patients with a fever, cough or respiratory symptoms. However, please call the UNNC Clinic (numbers above) if you have such symptoms. Our medical staff will assist with calling an ambulance that will take you to a specialised clinic.

Q: What if I need OTC (Over-The-Counter), prescription drugs or face masks?
A: All clinics are forbidden to sell painkillers (such as Ibuprofen and Paracetamol) and cough syrups during this time. Should you need other types of medication, please email your order to the UNNC Clinic specifying dosage, generic name, quantities and brand. Our medical staff will advise on the next step.

UNNC will provide free masks for all staff (including family members) and students living on campus until the end of February. This also applies to staff that come to campus on a daily basis to work. Please see the separate notice Free masks for UNNC staff and students on campus posted today.


Updated on 12 Feb

Q: Will the semester be further delayed because I know some universities in Beijing have postponed the start date of semester to May?

A: Teaching online will start on 2 March. In terms of the returning date, the University keeps close contact with the local government and will comply with the requirements from Chinese authorities.

Q: Will my graduation be delayed? Will the delayed semester affect the progress of coursework and dissertation which eventually affect my graduation?

A: Progression and graduation for all students is a priority outcome to ensure the current situation doesn’t impact negatively on your aspirations as to future further study and employment.

Q: Will the teaching quality be ensured since online teaching and learning might not be able to touch upon all resources?

A: Teaching quality will be maintained within the online teaching and learning plan, whilst maintaining the highest levels of health, safety and well-being for everyone at UNNC.

Q: As a student from Science and Engineering, I would like to know the arrangements for experiment week and would like to receive plans as early as possible.

A: Faculty of Science and Engineering will communicate with all of its students on the teaching and learning plans in due course.