University prepares to welcome returning students

25 April 2020 | Announcements Students Staff

Recently, the University held another round of health and safety drills on campus including library and Sports Centre in order to secure the smooth progressing of student return.

Scenario A: lab

Last Friday, the Faculty of Science and Engineering (FoSE) organised a security drill, rehearing for the return of students in laboratories, with contingency plans for the fever and suspected COVID-19 case spotted during the conventional face-to-face teaching.

The laboratories are sterilised and ventilated on a daily basis. Besides the regular risk assessment, PhD students and module convenors entering the labs need to fill out extra forms for epidemic prevention. All students need to strictly follow the regulation to wear masks and other personal protective equipment, wash hands before and after the lab course.

Students are also required to finish the online safety training and pass the quiz before starting experimental sessions.

In addition, the entrances of all three buildings of FoSE have installed the infrared thermo-detector to detect and record all entrants’ temperature; each floor of the three buildings are equipped with multiple hand sanitisers.

Scenario B: library

The drill in library started with a group of students taking temperature measurement and swiping card to enter the library.  One of the students showed a temperature higher than 37.3℃ at the entrance and was taken aside for recheck after 30 seconds. After confirming the fever of the student, the security staff phoned the library reception desk to implement temporary access management until the student was taken to the isolation tent in front of the building. The librarian on duty informed the Clinic and Department of Campus Life right away.

The clinic staff member soon arrived and asked about the student’s medical history. The staff then reported the information to the fever patient management system of the local health department, and the student was transferred to a fever clinic in a special purpose vehicle.

In preparation for the re-opening of the University, the library will enact corresponding regulations including inflow restriction and epidemic prevention notices in the building, reminding students to keep a reasonable social distance. All returned books will be disinfected.

Scenario C: Sports Centre

For cases of illness occurred in class, the Sports Centre hosted a drill. During an ongoing sports session, a student reported feeling sick and was confirmed an above-normal temperature.

The student was taken to temporary isolation space in the centre and the access of the room was restricted right away. The instructor immediately contacted the Clinic and the manager of the centre. The medical staff arrived and completed the process.

The Sports Centre would also implement inflow control after re-opening of the campus and students are required to keep a social distance.

Including the safety drill, the University has implemented various epidemic prevention and control methods on campus and the University is ready welcome the first group of returning students tomorrow.