Ningbo resumes production and normal life

The city of Ningbo has started to ease restrictions on people’s movement and business operations, the local authorities have announced. 

The easing of restrictions comes as the reported number of COVID-19 cases in Zhejiang remained at zero for 30 days since 22 February. The Zhejiang Provincial government also announced today that the goal of "clearing" local confirmed cases has been achieved yesterday on 22 March, and that the public health emergency level was dialed back from Level II to Level III.

The government is taking cautious measures to restore industrial production and order to people’s lives. These include:

To prevent imported cases from overseas:

The government is taking the threat of imported COVID-19 cases seriously and continues to use strict control measures to intercept cases from abroad.

To fully restore industrial production:

Businesses and manufacturers should fully resume operations while ensuring the implementation of epidemic prevention and control measures. Employees returning from outside Ningbo can go to work if they have the green QR code on WeChat or Alipay.

To fully restore order to citizens' lives:

1.Excepting hospitals, people may enter or exit all locations without needing to undergo a temperature check. However, the green QR code should still be presented to enter residential compounds and villages. 

2."Temperature checks and presenting the green QR code" is no longer required at these venues: 

All kinds of enterprises and institutions, buildings, scenic spots, hotels, shopping malls, subways, buses, taxis and other public places and public transportation.

3.According to the mask guidelines, masks may be removed in the following situations:

Outdoor places such as parks, scenic spots, streets, etc. Also not required during fieldwork, work at heights, work on construction sites and agricultural work. Also not required during cycling, riding an electric vehicle, walking or exercising in the open spaces.

4.Restaurants may resume dine-in services gradually, however it is prohibited to hold large gatherings during the epidemic. Staff members should wear facemasks at all time.

5.Facilities for the elderly and for children with special needs may resume normal operations, although epidemic prevention and control measures should remain in place.

6.People with respiratory symptoms such as fever and cough should report to the residential compounds or villages at the first opportunity. Residential compounds or villages should take registration and arrange for transportation to take the patients to the closest fever clinic. 

Patients may also walk or drive cars to the fever clinic, but no public transport is allowed. 

Sales of certain medicines for respiratory diseases are still prohibited at all pharmacies in Ningbo.

7.Tomb-sweeping Day activities are suspended to prevent mass gatherings.