• Apr2021 26 18:30 - 20:20

    NUBS China STAR Career Talk 2021 Spring Semester | From United Nations to International NGOs: A Career with High Impacts


What is it like to work at the United Nations? How does it feel to work for the largest leading children’s charity in the world? How can one navigate a wonderful career journey in the world top international organisations with an economic and finance background?

In this STAR Career Talk, we will explore a meaningful career journey with our keynote speaker — Mr Xia Cuntao, the National Lead for Youth Development and Child Poverty in 'Save the Children'. With global service work experience in multiple countries and regions, Mr Xia Cuntao will provide unique perspectives on making a career with a high social impact.

1. Career at United Nations

In the first part of the speech, Mr Xia Cuntao will share his professional experience in the United Nations and his work achievements. Mr Xia will also introduce the organisational structure of the United Nations and the internship application procedures.

2. Career at International NGOs

In the second part of the speech, Mr Xia will introduce his work in 'Save the Children' and illustrate the entry requirements, application skills and career paths of world-class international organisations. Built on his own experience, Mr Xia will provide important industry development insights and advice on internships, further studies, and career choices.

About the Speaker

Mr Xia Cuntao is the National Lead for Youth Development and Child Poverty in Save the Children. Established in the United Kingdom in 1919, 'Save the Children' is an independent international children development organisation. It manages children welfare programmes on a non-political, non-religious, non-profit, and non-governmental basis. Nowadays, 'Save the Children' works in more than 120 countries, serving the poorest and most marginalised children worldwide. It is committed to saving children's lives, defending their rights and helping them realise their potential. As the National Lead for Youth Development and Child Poverty in the largest and most advanced global children’s charity, Mr Xia is responsible for the overall management of all youth development programmes across the country, including the introduction, design, review and allocation of government public welfare and corporate social responsibility projects.

Before working for 'Save the Children', Mr Xia was an International Technical Officer and National Project Consultant of the International Labor Organisation (ILO) in the United Nations at its Asia and Pacific Regional headquarters, global headquarters, and China and Mongolia country offices. During his tenure, he developed and participated in collaboration projects between the International Labor Organisation (ILO) of the United Nations and governments, providing professional support and framework design for employment projects in various countries.

He also wrote the official flagship report of the United Nations and cooperated with various ministries to carry out researches and policy consultations. Also, he planned the online and offline activities of the United Nations in Thailand and China, including United Nations Day, Gender Equality Film Festival, the World Day Against Child Labour and so on.

Mr Xia also serves as the Director of the China Association for Labour Studies and a Cooperative Expert of the Chinese Academy of Labour and Social Security under the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security. Furthermore, he is a member of SORSA. He holds a Bachelor of Economics from the Renmin University of China and a Master of International Banking and Finance from Durham University.

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