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Graduation Ceremony

The University holds graduation ceremonies twice a year, in summer and winter.  

Arrangement of 2019 Winter Graduation can be found on this webpage.


Inter-ceremony Arrangements

The University holds graduation ceremonies twice a year, in summer and winter. The usual expectation is that students will graduate at the next ceremony following the successful completion of their studies. The award certificates are issued to students at the ceremony or sent to them after the ceremony if they choose not to attend in person.

Students who wish to follow the inter-ceremony procedure (see below) may apply to have their awards conferred in absentia by the University in March or October. If you choose to follow the inter-ceremony route and to have your award certificate early, this does mean that you will not be able to attend a ceremony in person. If you wish to be present at a ceremony you will have to graduate in the usual way and wait to receive your certificate at the ceremony.

After your degree result is confirmed by the School Exam Board, you will be notified by Academic Services Office about the application of inter-ceremony and if you wish to apply for the inter-ceremony graduation, please complete the application form and return it, by the stated deadline, to Academic Services Office. Deadlines for the receipt of applications in those offices are 20 February and 20 September.


When will I get my certificate?
If you attend your graduation ceremony your certificate will be handed to you on the stage. Those who graduate in absentia will be sent their certificate within two week after the ceremonies have finished to the postal address you indicate on the graduation ceremony application form. Your certificate will only be issued at the graduation ceremony or after. It is not possible under any circumstances to receive your certificate or photocopy of your certificate prior to the graduation ceremony. If you have not completed the graduation ceremony application form, your certificate will not be sent to you. If you haven’t received the graduation ceremony application form, please contact Student GRADUATION
When can I apply for Degree Confirmation Letter?

Degree confirmation letter - You can apply for a degree confirmation letter which will prove that you have studied here and verify your degree result and degree awarded. We understand that many of you have applied masters and will need to send Universities proofs of degree certificate for unconditional offers. After the provisional degree results are released at Blue Castle, the Academic Services Office would be able to provide the Degree Confirmation Letter upon request for you to confirm with Universities or employers that you are eligible to graduate. Arrangement of application and letter collection will be emailed to graduating students in late May or early June.

How do I defer my graduation ceremony?
You're expected to graduate at the ceremony following the successful completion of your course. If you wish to attend a ceremony but are unavailable, you can choose to defer your graduation. In order to defer please email the Academic Services Office as soon as possible and certainly by two weeks prior to graduation.

You won't be given your certificate until you actually attend a ceremony if you choose to do this. You can instead choose to graduate in absentia (without a ceremony) and get your certificate posted to you, but you won't be able to attend a ceremony in future.

Can I request my name to be printed in a special format on my degree certificate?
Please note that you cannot request to have your name printed in a special format on the degree certificate.
Your degree certificate will be printed with your name shown in the following format: “First name, Family name”. For example, a student’s family name is ‘Chen’ and first name is ‘Xiaoming’, the name will be shown as XIAOMING CHEN on the degree certificate.



Will I receive details on graduation ceremonies?
Yes, the Student Graduation ( will send you a detailed Graduation Ceremony Guide in early July/November, on which you can find information on where to go and what to do on your graduation day.
What is the dress code?
Graduation is a formal university event so you are expected to wear smart clothing. We suggest male students wear a shirt & smart trousers, and female students wear a smart blouse & pants or a smart dress. Casual clothing, e.g. jeans, T-shirts, beach shorts, sneakers and flip-flops are not considered acceptable attire for graduation ceremonies. We reserve the right to refuse entry to students wearing casual clothing.
Can I bring families/friends to my ceremony?
Yes, guest seats will be reserved if you indicate in your graduation ceremony application form (e.g. if you indicate to bring one guest we will reserve one guest seat for you). The Auditorium’s capacity is limited so initially each student can bring up to two guests. Extra guest seats may be available in a very limited number. You may contact the Student Graduation to check availability.
Where do ceremonies take place?
Graduation ceremonies take place in the D.H. Lawrence Auditorium on campus. Pre-ceremony activities, such as registration, gowning, photography, and career and alumni services, take place in the Lord Dearing Building rooms.
What time should I arrive before my ceremony?
We strongly suggest you arrive at the campus at least 1 hour prior to your ceremony. Registration and other pre-ceremony activities are open to students 2 hours before a ceremony. After arrival, please follow directing signs to the Lord Dearing Building to register. You will receive your Student Ticket and your Guest Ticket when you register.
Is on-campus parking available?
Free parking space is available. Please follow the direction of security staff.
Will a graduation gown be arranged for me?
Yes, the University will prepare a gown for you, according to the degree and gown size information that you indicate in your graduation ceremony application form. You will receive your gown after registering. A full set of gown includes a robe, a cap and a hood.
How long is a graduation ceremony?
A ceremony usually lasts for 45 – 60 minutes.
Where do I sit at my ceremony?
You can find your allocated seat number on your Student Ticket. It is important that you sit in the allocated seat as this corresponds to the correct order of degree presentation and receipt of certificates. Guest Tickets are not numbered. Guests can take any vacant seat in the guest seating area.
What happens at a ceremony?

A graduation ceremony starts with the entry of an academic procession consisting of university senior officers, Deans, Heads of Divisions and academic staff. The procession enters the Auditorium through the door in the back.

When the official conferment of student degrees starts, students move, in order, from their seats to the stairs leading to the platform. Please remove your cap when seated and leave it on your seat when you go to the platform.

A Marshal will check your name first. Then a senior officer will read out your name – at this moment please make your way to the platform, walk to the central table, pause and bow to the presiding officer. Then proceed to the far side of the platform, where the Head of your School (or a representative) will shake hands with you. After that, you can get off the platform and collect your degree certificate and transcript at the table on the left hand side, and return to your seat.

Ushers (wearing blue gowns) will be present throughout a ceremony and will be happy to assist you with any difficulties.

Is professional photography service available on the day?
Yes, a professional photographer would record the whole ceremony, and take three group photos after the ceremonies. The video record and group photos would be shared with you in mid-December through university email.
What happens after my ceremony?

Graduation gowns must be returned to the registering & gowning room in the Lord Dearing Building within 1 hour after a ceremony.

Will refreshments/food be available on the day?

Complimentary refreshments, including instant tea, coffee and cookies will be available in the public areas in the lobby of the D.H. Lawrence Auditorium for students and guests.

You and your guests can join in a free buffet lunch on the day at 11:30 – 13:30 in the Student Canteen (1st floor). Students attending a morning ceremony will receive lunch tickets when registering. Students attending an afternoon ceremony will be asked to notify Student Graduation in advance of their attendance to the lunch and can then pick up lunch tickets on the morning in the Lord Dearing Building.