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BSc (Hons) Mathematics with Applied Mathematics (2+2)

Course outline

This course offers mathematical education with an emphasis on the real-life applications. The students are being introduced to mathematics as a key tool in solving problems in natural sciences, engineering and economy, as well as, to the understanding that the abstract mathematical ideas are an important source for innovation in many applications. The course opens a very broad spectrum of career paths in academia and industry to successful graduates.

Course structure

The course is offered as a three or four year programme depending on your entry qualifications. You will spend your first year or first two years at The University of Nottingham Ningbo China and your last two years at The University of Nottingham, UK.

Year One (Preliminary Year - Ningbo)

This year is not compulsory for students with appropriate qualifications for year two entry.

The first year consists in a specially designed intensive Academic English Programme designed, written and staffed by the highly experienced Centre of English Language Education (CELE) at the University. This programme is carefully integrated with an academic programme designed to prepare students fully for years 1-3 of the degree programme.

Year Two (Qualifying Year- Ningbo)

You will learn core mathematical topics, such as sequences and series, calculus and matrices, probability and statistics, that are fundamental to your later mathematical studies. In addition, a variety of optional modules in physics, computer science, engineering, economics and management will be offered.

Year Three (Part I- Nottingham)

This year of the course is undertaken at The University of Nottingham, UK. The mathematical tools you will need are developed to a more advanced level, enabling you to model problems from real-life applications in physics, engineering, finance, economics, etc. You will also receive solid education in pure mathematics, enabling you to use mathematical techniques and way of thinking to innovate.

Year Four (Part II -Nottingham)

This year of the course is undertaken at The University of Nottingham, UK. In this year, you will have the chance to study a range of advanced topics in mathematics and its applications, as well as subjects from natural sciences, economics and/or engineering. Your studies will include a project work in the field of mathematics or applied mathematics, which would lead students to systematic research experience.

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