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BEng Architecture (4+0/3+0)

This course introduces design skills and technologies, combining humanities and sciences that influence the built environment, allowing you to acquire the necessary skills for architectural design and a wide range of careers. A study of historical precedent and environmental design are central to the design component of the course.

In this programme, you will learn how to design a small building within the wider context of human settlements and environmental concerns. Later, as you deepen your knowledge, you will be given the opportunity to work on more complex design projects.

By the time you graduate you will have:

  • developed problem-solving skills in aesthetics, planning, building construction and building performance
  • a broad grounding in design thinking
  • an ability to analyse environmental issues
  • vocational skills
  • a thorough grasp of green building concepts and technical details

In your first, or preliminary, year you will concentrate on developing your English proficiency to a high level. Students who can demonstrate a high level of competence in academic English can skip the first year to enter the degree programme proper, from year two.

In your second year, you will undertake design projects with limited objectives, proceeding by stages to the design of a small building. In your third year, you learn how to design within the wider context of human settlements and environmental concerns. In your final year, you will have the opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge and flair through complex design projects. By the time you graduate, you will have developed problem-solving skills in aesthetics, planning, building construction and building performance.

The curriculum of this course is the same as the BArch Architecture offered at The University of Nottingham in the UK. As the Architects Registration Board in the UK does not accredit architecture courses taught outside the UK, the course in Ningbo carries a different title. Please contact our undergraduate programme coordinator ( for more information about this degree course and the career pathways available to you.

Course structure

All years are delivered in China at the university of Nottingham Ningbo. 

Year One (Preliminary year - Ningbo) N.B. This year is not compulsory for students with appropriate qualifications for year two entry.

Students must take all modules in this group. 

Code Title Credits
X10FCA Reading and Writing in Academic Contexts 20
X10FCB Listening and Speaking in Academic Contexts 10
X10FCC Academic Oral Presentations 10
X10FCE English in Specific Academic Contexts: Science & Engineering 20
EE0DG1 Architectural Drawing and Graphics 35
EE0PD1 Principles of Design 15
EH0EIT Engineering Communication and IT Skills 10

Total Credit: 120

Year Two ( Qualifying Year-Ningbo) 

Typical modules of this year include:

  • Architectural Design Studio 1A
  • Environmental Science for Architects 1
  • Tectonics 1
  • Architectural Humanities I: History of Architectural Meaning from Antiquity to the Present Day
  • Integrated Design in Architecture
  • Architectural Design Studio 1B

Year Three (Part I-Ningbo)

Typical modules of this year include:

  • Integrated Design in Architecture 2A
  • Architectural Design Studio 2A
  • Environmental Science for Architects 2
  • Tectonics 2A
  • Tectonics 2B
  • Architectural Humanities II
  • Architectural Design Studio 2B
  • Integrated Design in Architecture 2B

Year Four (Part II-Ningbo) 

Typical modules of this year include:

  • Architectural Humanities III: Critical Theory and Advanced Interpretation
  • Integrated Design in Architecture 3
  • Architectural Design Studio 3
  • Practice and Management