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NVIDIA Joint-Lab on Mixed Reality


Nvidia Joint-Lab on Mixed Reality [Visualisation and AI]


The NVIDIA Joint-Lab on Mixed Reality exists as a hub for interdisciplinary research. We advocate cross-cultural creativity, which we believe to be a source of novelty and where innovation can flourish. MRVAI is a new lab founded on 27th June 2016 between UNNC and US technology giant NVIDIA via a Memorandum of Intent[1]. The lab is the culmination of the seeding of ideas and collaborative research between Dr Ch’ng, director of the Big Data and Visual Analytics lab, with Prof. Simon See, Chief Technology Officer of NVIDIA APAC. The lab aims to advance our understanding of the co-existence of the physical and the virtual, and of man and machine. Our research is data-driven, with data-mining, machine learning and interactive visualisation as core activities from which we discover knowledge - making data meaningful by bridging the incomprehensibility of raw data with the rationality of our human senses. We advocate interdisciplinary research, and put effort into facilitating high-level dialogues within cross-cultural and trans-domain activities.


The MRVAI Lab seeks to be a keystone in advancing our understanding of the co-existence of the physical and the virtual, with a core value in transformative research, the exploratory lab acts as the convergence of disciplines, cultures, and of man and machine, and as an innovation hub for the University of Nottingham in an increasingly digital global landscape.

  1. To advance our understanding of the co-existence of the physical and the virtual, and of man and machine
  2. To innovate and facilitate transformative research between disciplines and cultures
  3. To empower research and industrial applications using high-performance GPU-accelerated technology
  4. To advocate the need to explore, investigate, discover, and share knowledge across disciplines and domains
  5. To cultivate a new generation of interdisciplinary researchers who can create, build and work across cultures and domains

Research Areas

Our research is wide-ranging and involves many areas due to the expertise of our members. Below are broad topics surrounding our research activities:

  • Virtual Environments, Virtual Reality, and Augmented Reality
  • Human Factors and Human Computer Interaction
  • Big Data and Visual Analytics
  • Social Media and Social Network Analysis
  • Data-mining and Machine Learning
  • Digital Culture and Heritage