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UNNC and NVidia Set the New Virtual Standard


At the dawning age of Virtual Reality, UNNC and NVIDIA are truly working at the cutting edge. Dr. Eugene Ch'ng, Director of the NVIDIA Joint-Lab on Mixed Reality, introduces some of the latest VR developments and applications.

Dr Eugene Ch’ng is the resident Virtual Reality “Guru” at the University of Nottingham Ningbo China. As the Director of the NVIDIA Joint-Lab on Mixed Reality, Eugene’s working day is filled with weird and wonderful projects and experiments into the development and application of VR and AR (augmented reality, supplementing the real world with virtual imagery and applications).

Eugene’s work will potentially lead to many real world applications. For example, the Silk Road project, which - using 3D imaging technology virtually reconstructs the sea port of the Yuan Dynasty when merchant seamen sailed between the Far East and Europe several hundred years ago - could transform the way that history is learned, experienced and taught.

Eugene and his team are also hard at work on the virtual reconstruction of multiple heritage sites and antiquities, some of which are under threat from natural disaster and terrorism, particularly in Syria and Libya (in an AHRC project entitled ‘Curious Travellers’).

To power many of these projects, Eugene’s team has some of the world’s most powerful professional VR tech at its disposal, such as the NVIDIA Quadro M6000 graphics cards. These impressive pieces of hardware power much of the VR/AR research in the Lab, and are so powerful that when combined can also be used for processing Big Data and machine learning.

The UNNC NVIDIA Joint-Lab on Mixed Reality was opened in 2016. As well as working on cutting-edge research with real-world applications, UNNC students and academics have benefited from the University’s partnership with NVIDIA, the world market leader in visual computing technology.

However, being a VR/AR Lab, there’s always time for a bit of constructive and fruitful fun, as you’ll see in the video!

Posted on 2 May 2017