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Ningbo a natural focus for President Xi's "Belt and Road" initiative

President Xi Jinping's announcement this week of the Belt & Road initiative has been hailed by some as a blueprint for a New Silk Road for international trade and cultural exchange. 

UNNC's Faith Chan - Assistant Professor of Environmental Science and member of the Institute of Asia and Pacific Studies - believes that Belt and Road puts China into the driving seat of global development.

"It provides an opportunity for all parties to push forward delivery of collaborative projects," says Faith Chan. "China will take up a leading role in global politics and transnational economic development, build a more efficient international cooperation platform, promote a stronger partnership network, and create more opportunities for developing countries under the B&R initiative."

Hing Kai Chan from the University of Nottingham Business School China (NUBS) also spoke to Ningbo TV about what Belt & Road means for the world.

Please see the video below:

Hingkai Chan on Ningbo TV1

Posted on 19 May 2017